Best Electronic Cigarette Starter Kits

With a plethora of e-cigarette brands out there, choosing the right starter kit can be difficult for novice vapers. Here are some of the best electronic cigarette starter kits that you might want to consider when trying out ecigs for the first time.

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Top 5 Electronic Cigarette Brands

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V2 Cigs Review

  • V2 Cigs offers five types of starter kits and two special bundles so you have plenty of options to choose from.

    The V2 Cigs Express Kit contains the most basic elements of vaping – one automatic battery, one flavor cartridge, and a convenient USB express charger. At less than $25, this is the cheapest way to get started on e-cigs without compromising on quality.

    The V2 Cigs Economy Kit has five more cartridges than the Express Kit, plus an additional wall adapter. Designed for more demanding smokers, the Economy Kit has been updated with the new V2 Smart Charger that replenishes battery power twice as fast than the express charger.

    The flagship product of V2 Cigs is the Standard Kit. It includes one automatic battery, one manual battery, 10 flavor cartridges, a wall adapter, and a Smart Charger.

    If you want more portability options, upgrade to the Standard Plus Kit to get a V2 personal charging case (PCC). Light and easy to carry, the V2 PCC can charge your e-cig battery up to four times while working as a storage unit for one extra battery and two flavor cartridges.

    Another special bundle of the Standard Kit is the V2 Couples Kit, which doubles everything in the Standard Kit sweetened with a low combo price. Now don’t forget you can use the V2 cigs coupon on any starter kit for an instant 15% discount every time you place an order.

    The V2 Traveler Kit is the best starter kit for vapers on the go. It has everything you need for the office, the car, and for those times when you don’t have access to a power source. Inside the Traveler Kit are two rechargeable batteries, a V2 Notebook-Cig (USB cigarette designed for laptops), 15 flavor cartridges, a wall adapter, plus three new items: the more powerful 2amp car adapter, a V2 Smart Charger, and a portable charging case.

    The V2 Ultimate Kit lets you get the most out of your V2 Cigs experience. It includes three rechargeable batteries, a V2 Power-Cig (USB cigarette designed for desktops), 25 flavor cartridges, a wall adapter, plus five new items: a 2amp car adapter, a V2 Smart Charger, a metal carry case, a V2 lanyard, and the all new Portable Charging Case XL that can charge your e-cig battery up to eight times and conveniently store three flavor cartridges and one extra battery.


Green Smoke Review

  • Green Smoke offers three types of starter kits, each designed for a specific vaping style.

    The Express Kit is the cheapest way to get started with Green Smoke. Designed for those who want to try electronic cigarettes for the first time or e-smokers looking to switch to a new brand, the Express Kit includes one rechargeable automatic battery (your choice of long or short), one USB cigarette, five flavor cartridges, one USB charger, and one wall adapter.

    The flagship product of Green Smoke is the Pro Kit. It contains one long battery and a short battery as your spare, one USB cigarette, 10 flavor cartridges, one USB charger, a wall adapter, and a car adapter. Note: You can lower the price of the pro kit when using a Green Smoke coupon during the checkout process.

    To enjoy the best e-smoking experience from Green Smoke, try the top-of-the-line Ultimate Kit. It includes everything in the Pro Kit plus a third battery, a USB charger, and a durable carrying case for your cartridges and batteries.

    For $40 less, you can get the Love Birds Kit instead of two Pro Kits — perfect for couples who are looking to switch to electronic cigarettes.


Blu Cigs Review

  • Blu Cigs is one of the first e-cig brands to offer starter kits that look exactly like a cigarette flip-top box. The Blu Pack has seven slots – five to hold your cartridges, one to hold your spare battery, and one for charging on the go.

    Blu Cigs offers three types of starter kits.

    The Original Blu Starter Kit comes with one Blu Pack (black or white), two batteries, five flavor cartridges, a USB charger and a wall charger.

    The Premium Blu Starter Kit includes one Blu Pack with social features (black or white), two batteries, five flavor cartridges, a USB charger and a wall charger.

    The Premium100 Blu Starter Kit comes with one Blu Pack with social features (black only), two premium batteries, five flavor cartridges, a USB charger and a wall charger. Premium100 batteries are longer and rounder than Original and Premium electronic cigarettes. They also last longer between charges and their cartridges hold more liquid.


White Cloud Electronic Cigarette Review

  • The Rolls Royce of e-cigarettes, White Cloud ecig delivers an amazing throat hit that’s almost as real as a normal cigarette. Enjoy strong, rich flavors and large clouds of vapor on smooth and quiet draws without having to worry about your battery dying.

    Each White Cloud cartridge is equivalent to two packs of traditional cigarettes, which is double than the industry average. With six nicotine levels to choose from, including Double Extra strength that contains 5.4% nicotine, White Cloud is the only brand that can deliver the nicotine kick that moderate-to-heavy smokers crave.

    White Cloud offers five types of starter kits.

    Perfect for first-time and casual vapers, the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit contains all the essentials you need to get started: two Cirrus II batteries, five flavor cartridges, and a ChargeBolt charger.

    Looking for a compact e-cigarette kit to take out on the town? Try the Cirrus 3 Starter Kit which includes three Cirrus III batteries, five flavor cartridges, a Squid charger, and an AC adapter. The Squid charger can power up three Cirrus batteries simultaneously.

    The new Cirrus 3X is the longest lasting e-cigarette battery on market – producing a whopping 600 puffs on a single charge (three to five times better than the competition). Spend the entire day vaping outdoors without having to worry about recharging your batteries, or carrying a bulky portable charging case. The Cirrus 3X Starter Kit contains three Cirrus 3X batteries, five flavor cartridges, a ChargeBolt charger, and AC/DC adapters.

    The Cirrus Variety Starter Kit gives you a chance to try all three batteries in the Cirrus line. The kit includes Cirrus 2, Cirrus 3 and Cirrus 3X batteries, five flavor cartridges, a ChargeBolt charger, and an AC adapter.

    Need to vape discreetly? The limited edition Phantom Starter Kit from White Cloud allows you to go incognito with its low-vapor electronic cigarettes. Packed in a jet-black locking storage box, the Phantom Starter Kit includes three Phantom batteries, five low-vapor cartridges, five regular cartridges, a black Squid charger, and a black AC adapter.


Volcano Ecigs Review

  • Unlike most electronic cigarette companies that offer only one or two ecig styles, Volcano Ecigs covers the entire spectrum of e-cig users. Whether you’re a transitioning smoker or a veteran vaper, you’ll be able to find the right Volcano e-cigarette for you.

    Volcano Ecigs currently offers four types of electronic cigarette: the Volcano (mini), the Magma (mid-sized), the Inferno (high-end), and the Lavatube (variable voltage).

    The Volcano Starter Kit comes with a plethora of accessories that will have you vaping right out of the box: two batteries (black or white), five flavor cartridges, a V-Pack portable charger, a wall charger, and a USB charger.

    Volcano has recently added a new Express Starter Kit to its lineup for those who are trying out e-cigs for the first time but plan to upgrade later on. The Volcano Express Starter Kit contains all the stuff you need to have an outstanding vaping experience, including one Volcano battery, two cartomizers, and a USB charger.

    The Magma Starter Kit includes everything you will need to vape on the go. The Magma Tank Kit includes two automatic batteries, one Tank-o-mizer, one M-Pack portable charger, a USB charger, a wall charger, five blank tanks, and a 15ml bottle of V-Liquid.

    The huge Inferno e-cig means long lasting battery life, great vapor volume, and excellent overall performance. The Inferno Starter Kit includes two passthrough batteries (650mAh and 900mAh), a wall charger, one tube sock, one fully assembled TubeTank vapor delivery system, five replacement cartomizers, and a 15ml bottle of V-Liquid.

    The Lavatube is the most powerful and customizable electronic cigarette that Volcano has developed to date. At nearly 8 inches long, it is the e-cig of choice of vapers who prefer variable voltage batteries. The Lavatube Starter Kit includes one Lavatube battery, one carry case, one AW IMR High Drain 18650 rechargeable LiMN battery, one XTAR WP2 II multi-charger, one Black Swirl Acrylic Drip Tip, and one high resistance atomizer (3ohms).


    Electronic cigarette starter kits are designed to make it easy for you to transition from smoking to vaping. The three most essential elements – battery, cartomizer, and charger – are always included, with options to add accessories for vaping at home, in the office, in your car, and on the go.

    All five electronic cigarette brands mentioned here offer promo codes so you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for a starter kit. Check out our coupon codes for Green Smoke, V2 Cigs, Blu Cigs, White Cloud, and Volcano electronic cigarette starter kits to enjoy massive savings.