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Convenience Stores May Collect One Billion In Sales From Electronic Cigarettes

One of the places where electronic cigarettes can be bought is a convenience store.  In fact, convenience store presence is one of the priorities of electronic cigarette companies.  With a lot of convenience stores throughout the US, it can be a major boost for a company’s sales if its products can be bought from these […]

Specialist From Queen Mary Calling For Reconsideration On Electronic Cigarette Regulations

Queen Mary, University of London specialist, Professor Peter Hajek, advised that probable benefits of the device on public health are likely to be jeopardized if electronic cigarette regulations as medical devices would be pushed through.  Professor Hajek is also directing the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit in Barts. From MHRA Announcement Last June Last June, the […]

Growing Electronic Cigarette Industry: New Castleton Shop, New Product From Freshcig

You know that a child is growing when you see that he/she has gained height and weight.  On the same note, you will know that the electronic cigarette industry is growing because of the new stores opening up and the new products being launched in the market. Vermont Vapor In Castleton Corners Vermont Vapor is […]