Monthly Archives: October 2013

No Electronic Cigarettes Allowed In Richland Campus

At Richland College, no person is allowed to smoke or use electronic cigarettes inside the campus. These modern devices are now treated in the institution as regular tobacco cigarettes. Issue Brought Up Last Summer Last summer, the Thunder Team (Richland’s Senior Leadership Team) was informed about this issue on electronic cigarette. The leadership team was […]

NutriCigs Electronic Cigarettes Fortified With Nutrients

  Ecig opponents argue that the devices are not guaranteed or verified healthy. Yet, this claim is challenged by NutriCigs because it offers electronic cigarettes that are reinforced with nutrients. First Nutrient-Fortified Ecig With this unique offer, NutriCigs, has earned the reputation for being the firs egicarette brand that offers vaping products fortified with health […]

Proper Way To Dispose Ecigarette Wastes

  As more and more people are using electronic cigarettes, more and more ecigarette wastes are accumulated.  One of the advantages of ecigarettes over traditional cigarettes is they are environmentally friendlier.  Certainly, using ecigs does not produce ash and cigarette butts, but there are still used up batteries, cartridges and other rubbish that all vapers […]

Federal Grant Money To Fund VCUs Tobacco Study

Federal Grant money worth $18.1 million has been awarded to VCU or Virginia Commonwealth University for its tobacco study that will determine modified risks of threes products and other novel tobacco items like v2 electronic cigarettes. Through this tobacco study,   data may be gathered in developing a tool that the FDA and NIH can use […]