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What Might Come Out Of EU Ecigarette Plan

The European Parliament recently passed a draft law that tackles tobacco products and electronic cigarettes. Not all details listed in this draft law were approved. Some of them, such as ecigarette plan were far from what the draft law hoped to achieve.  According to Fitch Ratings, a global rating agency, these decisions, particularly on ecigarettes […]

Status Of Electronic Cigarettes In Universities And Schools

The status of electronic cigarettes in Frostburg State University (Maryland) was left on the deciding hands of each professor. If the professor feels that the use of the smoking devices during classes is disruptive, he/she may enforce a policy that students should not use them while classes are ongoing. In other universities and colleges, there […]

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Ecig Battery Chargers: XTAR WP2II Vs Pila

If you are using disposable electronic cigarettes, you would not bother looking at ecig battery chargers.  Once a disposable ecigarette is used up, simply discard or send the device back to the company for recycling.  Yet, if you are using rechargeable devices for vaping, it sure is worthwhile to check some great ecig battery chargers […]

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Upload Your Photo To Win ProVape Prizes

Two of the most popular electronic products these days are electronic cigarettes and digital cameras.  Ecigs are popular among smokers looking for a great tobacco alternative or a smoke quitting option while digital cameras are used by just about anyone who likes to immortalize a special moment through graphic images. Now, you can use these […]

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Disposable Ecigs Of Popular Brands Compared

Disposable ecigs are ideal products for those first time vapers, and for those who would like to first sample what a certain ecig brand can offer.  Disposable electronic cigarettes are also perfect to use when you are travelling and have no means of recharging your device. There are a lot of disposable ecigs in the […]

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Vapor Couture Cartridges For Womanly Vaping Experience

Vapor Couture electronic cigarettes are marketed as vaping products made especially for women. Thus, not only are devices, components and accessories are designed to appeal to a woman’s taste, but also Vapor Couture cartridges. Vapor Couture cartridges are presently available in six different flavors.  All are available at $12.95 for a pack of 5 cartridges […]

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Better Vapor Production How To Achieve It

Vapor production is one of the aspects that smokers try to look for in electronic cigarettes they buy or use.  Most vapers like to have better vapor production from their devices. Better vapor production is more than just the kind or type of device you are using. Virtually any device can efficiently produce vapor by […]

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Blu Premium Vs White Cloud Cirrus Variety Ecig Kits

A lot of electronic cigarette brands are available in the market and sometimes, these brands offer different ecig kits that have the same price, but with different contents; just like the kits from Blu and White Cloud, both at $79.95. It is not about which of these ecig kits that contain more; but which kit […]

Stricter Ecig Laws Probable In Illinois

Starting January 1, ecig kits sales to minors in Illinois will already be prohibited, but stricter ecig laws are about to be further implemented to effectively curtail the products. According to public health advocates, they are planning and taking into consideration if they will ask legislators to change the law regarding smoking to include these […]