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Children’s Health Positively Benefited By Public Smoking Ban

Public smoking ban has been benefiting children’s health. This is according to the international study published recently on Lancet. Researchers said they found that only one year after smoke-free laws have been imposed, premature births and severe asthma attacks on children have decreased by 10%.The research team evaluated a total of 11 studies held previously […]

SkyCig To Become Blu Cigs

SkyCig is a leading brand of electronic cigarettes in the UK. It just announced that beginning May 2014; it will already become Blu Cigs. This new direction from the company follows its acquisition by Lorillard Inc., one of the three tobacco mammoths in the United States. Blu Cigs was also once an independent ecig company […]

Nicotine Ecig Sale In Canada Must Be Authorized

Nicotine ecig sale in Canada should now be authorized by the federal government, Montreal Chest Institute Smoking Cessation Clinic medical director Gaston Ostiguy said. In an article he wrote in behalf of a consortium of health advocates, professors and doctors, Ostiguy detailed why the Canadian federal government should take this action now. His written piece, […]

Tobacco Control Uganda Needs Strengthening

Tobacco Control Uganda is in dire need of strengthening and improvements. The country will become one of the African countries where there will be more people’s lives will be claimed by tobacco consumption if its tobacco control will not be intensified by year 2030. The latest report by the Uganda National Academy of Sciences, tobacco […]

2014 NATO Show Great Gathering For Tobacco Stakeholders

The 2014 NATO Show is scheduled on April 8-10, 2014. It is a perfect gathering for all stakeholders in the tobacco industry. NATO or National Association of Tobacco Outlets, Inc. is the national trade organization that is structured for enhancing the general business interests of tobacco retailers. NATO also hopes to assist and monitor its […]

iSmoka Magoo RBA Great Looks Excellent Performance

The iSmoka Magoo RBA possesses beauty is not just skin-deep because as great as its look is its performance. The threading is smooth and silky and it also produces vapor and flavor with such intensity. It is the realization of reasonably priced high end atomizer. iSmoka Magoo RBA Details It offers adjustable air and liquid […]

Fun That Transpired At DC Vapefest

The DC Vapefest was held last March 21-22 at Hyatt Dulles in Herndon, Virginia. Needless to say, it was a successful fundraiser event that was filled with fun and camaraderie (along with vapor clouds). The scent inside the venue was quite intriguing and mystifying. One could have smelt vanilla at one time, cherry at another […]

Different Audience For Different Kinds Of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes definitely have come a long way, despite having been around for less than 10 years in the international market. Early products were made to look more like real cigarettes while modern and more advanced ecigarettes take on rather different and unique appearances. Cigalikes also offer the same sensations that real cigarette smoking offers. […]

Drinking While Vaping With White Cloud Ecig Flavors

You will not have a dull moment with White Cloud ecig flavors. You will always have a variety of options from traditional tobacco to exotic flavors. Moreover, you could also pair your ecig flavors with some drinks and beverages for more fun and excitement in vaping. Two activities that often go together are drinking and […]

Austin City Council Failed To Pass Ecig Ban

Austin City Council has failed to unanimously pass an ecig ban on its last meeting. Yet, the issue is not to be forgotten. The council could still and possibly approve an enactment of an ordinance that will prohibit ecigarettes to be used in all public places for up to one year if council member so […]