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DNA30 Mods: What Your Choices Are

DNA30 mods are ecigarette mods featuring DNA30D chips. The DNA30D chip is a powe-regulated digital switch mode DC to DC converter for personal vaporizers. This chip offers 7-30 watts of power; runs with lithium cell and has protective features such as undervoltage, overvoltage, thermal shutdown and overcurrent. The power levels can be set using an […]

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Vivid Vapours Offers Huge Array Of Exciting Flavors

Vivid Vapours offers a wide array of ejuice flavors that are all exceptional. The vivid tastes are characteristics of premium eliquid flavors. The eliquid brand works endlessly with taste developers throughout the world. A new flavor is only added to the Vivid Vapours product range until it has been extensively and personally tested for satisfaction […]

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All The Best In The Anima By Atmomixani

Anima by Atmomixani is a smaller version of the Striker RDA also from Atmomixani. Whether you are looking for features like size, functionality, aesthetics or design, this RDA definitely have all the best possible attributes. Unlike other similar devices that rarely possess all these factors, Anima by Atmomixani has them all; making it seems like […]

Public Health Hazard: Inhaling Minimal Nicotine From Ecigs

Law Professor John Banzhaf of George Washington University is an anti-smoking advocate who formerly directed ASH or Action on Smoking and Health. In his recent press release, he claimed that inhaling just small amounts of nicotine from smoke and nicotine from ecigs can be fatal. He tells the public that inhaling tobacco smoke for just […]

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Events At Chicago VapeBash Reminds About Vaping Decorum

On various accounts, the Chicago Vapebash seems to be a successful event. However, it is not the best example of an event that will give the vaping community an image of friendliness, levelheadedness and approachability. Incidentally, there have been some proceedings at the Vapebash that should remind vapers about their vaping decorum. Electronic cigarettes are […]

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Ecigarette Advertising: New Annihilation Target

Tobacco companies have long been restricted in their cigarette marketing. Decades after, they are once again entering the marketing limelight with their ecigarette promotions because ecigs are not covered by the tobacco laws. This leeway is, however, about to be limited because ecigarette advertising is the new target of annihilation by lawmakers and health groups […]

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Electronic Cigarettes: Solutions They Are Turning Into Problems

Each day, the number of smokers taking interest at ecigarettes increases. This is because these smokers are discovering that electronic cigarettes are solutions to their smoking dilemmas. While smokers appreciate the products for the benefits they receive, regulators and lawmakers worldwide are turning these solutions into problems by presenting their imagined fears about the products. […]

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Vape Lab: Indulge With Nicotine Over Coffee

Vape Lab is a place where customers could indulge with nicotine while enjoying their cup of coffee. It is considerably the first vape café in Britain. Located in Shoreditch High Street in the eastern part of London, it looks like an ordinary coffee shop with wooden tables, café style chairs, sleek bar and blackboard listing […]

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Electronic Cigarettes Do Not Undermine Tobacco Control

‘Electronic cigarettes undermine tobacco control’ is how ecigarette opponents justify their intense opposition to the products. Yet, new data from England show that the opposite is actually what ecigs are able to achieve. Anti-Smoking Against Vaping In hope of stopping the very popular vaping trend, many anti-smoking campaigners have come up with their presumed worries […]

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Smoking To Vaping: The Symptoms You’ll Experience

Smoking to vaping is perhaps one of the best decisions that a smoker could make. Yet, this could be a decision a smoker would soon regret once he/she experiences some unexpected symptoms. Smoking to vaping is essentially quitting smoking, although anti-vaping campaigners, regulators and public officials would not like to hear or would hate to […]