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Federal Government Is Protecting Cigarette Industry

The federal government is protecting the cigarette industry. This is evident from the way FDA and CDC are undermining the anti-smoking messages by ecig companies, said Dr. Michael Siegel. Professor Siegel has been in tobacco control for 25 years and is now a firm believer that ecigarettes can help make a change in this tobacco […]

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Electronic Cigarette Guidance Sought By Fife

Fife licensing board chairman will write to the government of Scotland to seek electronic cigarette guidance. The sough after guidance is all about how to address the use of the devices in public places. Fife is a historic Scottish county and also a council area. Bob Young, a councilor, confirmed that he will request guidance […]

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Less Inhibition Control Because Of Smoking While Pregnant

Smoking while pregnant could cause numerous unwanted effects. A new study has added another item on the list: less control on inhibitions when the affected conceived child has reached adulthood. This latest study involved brain scanning. Researchers have discovered that people whose mothers indulged in smoking while pregnant tend to have weaker responses in their […]

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Electronic Cigarettes Not Considered Safe By Majority

Electronic cigarettes might be exploding in popularity and consumer awareness; yet, researchers at University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign have found that many smokers are still not inclined in considering them as safer alternatives to real cigarettes. Soaring Ecig Popularity It is predicted that ecig sales will reach $2 billion or more. Yet, this amount still comprises […]

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School Districts Making Policies To Ban Ecig Use

Many people realize how beneficial electronic cigarettes kits are and as the number of ecig users increase, many officials also become wary, particularly officers of school districts. Ecigarettes are products supposed to be used by adult smokers as alternative to real cigarettes. Yet, lack of federal regulations enable some minors to access these products that […]

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UCSF Researchers Say Electronic Cigarettes Are Useless

Electronic cigarettes are believed to be life savers by many health experts and THR campaigners. However, a group of UCSF researchers who are well known for their antagonism to ecigarettes have once again published a material that will oppose this. In a paper published recently, the UCSF researchers said that a growing research body shows […]

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Imperial Tobacco Against Plain Cigarette Packaging

Imperial Tobacco criticized the lack of process in the plain cigarette packaging proposed by the government in the UK. Protecting its intellectual property is what the company intends to do. The FTSE 100 group’s chief executive Alison Cooper stated that the government is planning to ban the branding on cigarette packs starting spring next year. […]

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Selling Great Eliquids From Arkansas eLiquid Co

Arkansas eLiquid Co offers expertly hand-crafted eliquids that are produced in-house. These are award winning products that you can enjoy vaping with. Award Winners The 2014 SpinFuel Choice Award Winning flavors of ejuices from Arkansas eLiquid Co cost from $11.99 to $17.99. Get them in either 15 or 30 ml bottles. You may have them […]

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Sovereign Vapors Lounge: A Starbucks For Vapers

If coffee lovers have Starbuck, then vapers have the Sovereign Vapors Lounge in Connecticut. The place is tastefully and comfortably decorated in order to provide ecigarette users a public haven. Strictly For Adults Recently, the General Assembly of Connecticut passed the bill introduced by Governor Dannel Malloy to prohibit ecig sale to minors. Yet, Sovereign […]

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Supply Chain Changes Causing Imperial Tobacco Earnings Decline

Imperial Tobacco is the second largest tobacco company in Europe and it reported that its cigarette earnings during the first half of the year has declined because of its program implementation for improving the supply chain and its investments on brands. During the six months period that ended on March 31st, its adjusted tobacco operating […]