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Imperial Tobacco Taking Leaps Through Blu Cigs Acquisition

With its Blu Cigs Acquisition, Imperial Tobacco is believed to start making big leaps. The UK-based tobacco company has played a crucial role in the major tobacco merger between Reynolds American and Lorillard when it agreed to buy several cigarette brands from the two other tobacco companies along with Blue cigarette brand. Imperial Tobacco’s CEO […]

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Limited But Amazing Products From Deus Mods

Deus Mods is the first ever Korean-Filipino collaboration (Chosun Construction Inc / Keycom Phils., Inc.) in the vape products development in order to provide vapers with quality and safe tools that will help them towards a smoke-free lifestyle. Deus is a family of vapers who would continue to deliver innovative designs and excellent products for […]

Nicotine And Non-Nicotine Ecigs Affect Life Insurance

Using electronic cigarettes is usually more cost-effective than smoking real cigarettes. However, this cost efficiency is not extended to life insurance premiums. Smokers usually pay more for life insurance premiums than the non-smokers. Yet, the cost of insurance premiums for vapers is usually affected by nicotine and non-nicotine ecigs. Ecigarettes contain no tobacco that usually […]

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FanceeJuice: Awesome Juice Without Sorcery

FanceeJuice is an awesome juice with no sorcery. Creating such a liquid needs no magic, only a goal to be the best in the craft of eliquid making and the desire to exceed the expectations of customers. Vaping Experience From FanceeJuice Newer eliquid manufacturing companies are beginning to realize that vaping is more than just […]

Cigarette Smoking Is Bad Even For Nazis

The obsession of the Nazi Germany involved the creation of a perfect Aryan race. While a lot of atrocities resulted from the sinister motives, Germans were still imparted with some health benefits during WW II. The dangers of smoking were found by studies and established that cigarette smoking is bad and the most advanced anti-smoking […]

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Very Own Products Of Longhorn Vapor Co.

Longhorn Vapor Co. is one of the leaders in the manufacturing of premium ecigarettes and eliquids. It has invested time and resources on extensive research so it could provide the industry with the best quality products. It caters not only to individual customers, but also to businesses. Its aim is to be a one-stop shop […]

Ecigarette Research: Counting Puffs, Searching Facebook, Etc.

An ecigarette research will work on counting puffs, searching Facebook and measuring how ecigarette displays and price promos will influence whether minors will buy the products or not. A dedicated team will be assigned for each task. One team will work with volunteer vapers to count puffs and assess ecigarette risks. Another team will search […]

More Value From Zema Pro 3-in-1 Vaporizer

As its name suggests, Zema Pro 3-in-1 Vaporizer, is a product that could offer you more value for money. At $89.99, you get a device that could function in three ways. Got Vape has modeled it after its predecessor in terms of the compact and sleek design. yet, it was made better with the addition […]

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Sweeping Ecigarette Regulations Now Effective In Iowa

Sweeping ecigarette regulations are now in operation in Iowa after months of serious debates in the state Legislature. The new law might be encompassing, but its coverage still does not cover all. Despite this new law, University of Iowa as well as its law enforcement officers still have no authority to refuse vapers on campus. […]

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Ecigarette Accessories Make Vaping More Exciting

Fashion accessories could complete and enliven any get up; the same way ecigarette accessories could make any vaping experience more exciting. The ecig industry is comprised not only of devices and eliquids. There are vaping accessories that are also available in almost all ecigarette retail shops and vape specialty stores. The industry has already grown […]