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The entry-level Blu Cigs starter kit costs around $70, but with a Blu Cigs coupon code you can shave $10 off that retail price. Add a free shipping promo and you get real value for your buck.

Each Blu Cigs flavor cart can produce around the same amount of puffs as one pack of cigarettes and you can get them for as low as $1.92 per cartridge. If you use a Blu Cigs coupon code with your refill order, you could cut down your pack-a-day expenditure to just $1.72!

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Blu Cigs cartridges are filled with Smoke Juice from Johnson Creek. Formulated by hand from US-made ingredients in a Wisconsin facility, Johnson Creek’s Smoke Juice has propelled Blu Cigs to the top of the ecig industry with its superior and authentic taste.

Blu Cigs is the first e-cig company to offer its starter kits in a flip-top style packaging. The sleek and durable Blu Pack can hold up to five flavor cartridges and charge your spare battery on the go.

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