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Heimdall Vape Mod: Original And Clone

Heimdall Vape Mod is one of those advanced vaping devices that are available not only in original, but also in cloned versions. Original Heimdall Vape Mod This proudly Philippine made mod is offered at $200 and is constructed out of Australian Brass. It has tubes for 18650, 18350 and 18500 batteries. The firing button situated […]

Vape Store Opened Out Of Amazement From Ecigarettes

Ecigarettes almost always amaze smokers who tried them and were able to quit because of them. In most success stories, former smokers were so pleased with what electronic cigarettes did for them that they decided to open their vape businesses. Matt Dawson from Bucyrus, Ohio also has a similar story for opening his vape store, […]

Solving Minor And Common Vaping Problems

With the rate at which ecigarettes are becoming popular, it can be safe to assume that there are new vapers out there who could be experience some hassles in vaping. These vaping problems are very common, but are just easy to address if you know just how to. There is a post on Ashtray Blog […]

Michigan Medical Society Opposed Ecig Ban To Minors

Michigan Medical Society has opposed a legislation that would have imposed an ecig ban to minors that will prohibit them from purchasing electronic cigarettes. As a medical group, its decision is quite ironic and strange. The Michigan Medical Society represents the physicians in the state. It opposed a legislation that will prohibit vendors from selling […]

Evolv Kick Or A Sigelei K

If you wish to add variable wattage capability to your ecigarette mods, you usually have the Evolve Kick to add to your mod battery. However, there are other similar modules in today’s market such as the Sigelei K that you could also substitute for Kick. Kick certainly has its valuable use, but it also has […]

Moral: Explosions Not Due To Electronic Cigarettes

News about explosions that involve electronic cigarettes are often blamed on the devices. In most instances, however, it is not the ecigarette that actually caused the mishaps, yet it is held accountable. In recent news about an explosion involving ecigs, the moral lesson is clear. It is not the ecig to be blamed, but the […]

Misleading Ecig Marketing Strategies Analyzed or Truth IN Advertising has analyzed the misleading ecig marketing strategies. Consumers are curious about electronic cigarettes and they want to try using the products despite the warnings from public health officials that the safety of vaping is yet to b verified. There are about 600 consumer complaints received by the FTC against ecigs. […]

Free To Vape: Stand For What Is Right

Standing for what is right is the guiding principle of Free To Vape. Such was the belief of the forefathers who founded the great country of United States of America. The organization Free To Vape encourages everyone to stand up against the imminent FDA regulations, as citizens and as vapers. These regulations, as written, will […]

Anti-Ecig Campaigns Are Campaigns Of Ignorance

Ignorance about what electronic cigarettes can and cannot really do has led to the institution of several anti-ecig campaigns. Having been conceived by ignorance, these campaigns are also expected to spread ignorance especially to those who tend to believe the first thing they hear or see. CHIDONT Campaign One of these Anti-Ecig Campaigns of Ignorance […]

Imperial Tobacco Taking Leaps Through Blu Cigs Acquisition

With its Blu Cigs Acquisition, Imperial Tobacco is believed to start making big leaps. The UK-based tobacco company has played a crucial role in the major tobacco merger between Reynolds American and Lorillard when it agreed to buy several cigarette brands from the two other tobacco companies along with Blue cigarette brand. Imperial Tobacco’s CEO […]