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blu PRO KIT: New And Better Vaping Experience

Made to be a game changer, each component of this blu PRO kit has been carefully made and thoroughly tested. Thus, users could enjoy it knowing that they have nothing, but the best. Offered by Blu Cigs UK, this kit is offered at £19.99. If you have already accumulated 600blu coins, you could redeem them […]

AGA T2: Enjoying RBAs Without Getting Broke

If you want to enjoy using RBAs, the AGA T2 RBA is one that you need to get. It is available for around $22 to $30 so it is essentially among the least expensive rebuildable atomizers out in the market. This RBA is mass produced in the country of China and is offered by numerous […]

ULTRApure Eliquid From Innovapor

ULTRApure Eliquid From Innovapor is a US-made ejuice that uses 99.5% pure USP-grade vegetable glycerin, over 99% pure nicotine and available purest ingredients. There are no candy oils, no sugars and fruit flavorings added to these eliquids as they are mainly made for the tobacco smokers looking for the best alternative to their presently used […]

Central Canada Home To Flourishing Illicit Tobacco Trade

The illicit tobacco trade is said to be flourishing in Central Canada. According to the RCMP criminal intelligence report recently released, there are some First Nations manufacturers here that use industrial-grade machines that could make 3,000-10,000 cigarettes in one minute. FINTRAC or the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada is responsible for tracking […]

Benefits Of Ecigarette Commercial Advertising

Ecigarette Commercial Advertising is now a common advertising strategy used by many electronic cigarette companies and brands like Blu, MarkTen, Mistic and Njoy. They advertise on radio, TV, magazines and other avenues to strategically market their products. While this advertising is smart and effective, it requires that a company has more than sufficient financial capability. […]

You Want To Customize Eliquids? LIQUIDiD It!

LIQUIDiD it if you want to customize your eliquids. In the art of making ejuices, you will be the thinker and it will be your source of endless flavor possibilities. You mix, name and vape the eliquid that you make with LIQUIDiD. You can make your ejuice. You could experiment with various combinations. This is […]

Nikki’s Vapor Bar: One-Stop-Shop For Premium Ejuices

Nikki’s Vapor Bar is an all-in-one, one-stop-shop for the premium ejuices and devices that vapers might want to enjoy. It offers such a convenient way of looking for the finest quality of eliquids. Quality ejuices along with greatly performing ejuice is the essence of a great vaping experience. Nikki’s Vapor Bar has a big selection […]

New Chesterfield Home For Avail Vapor

One-year old local electronic cigarette company Avail Vapor has just placed its flag and setup its new headquarters on the Southside. It is eyeing selling franchises for the retail stores. It was last month when Avail Vapor purchased the 37,000 square feet office and manufacturing structure located at 820 Southlake Blvd., Southport Office Park in […]

Youth Audience For Ecigarette Commercials Rising

A new research is said to have found that the youth audience of ecigarette commercials is rising in number. Commercials promoting electronic cigarette products now have a growing presence in American television. According to this latest research youth audiences for these adverts have almost tripled in the recent years. The authors said that ecigs are […]

Blu Cigs To Be Sold In Continental Europe

Blu Cigs would soon be sold in Continental Europe with this year as the earliest possible date. This plan of Lorillard will be in direct competition with British American Tobacco Plc or BAT that is also planning its very own expansion. It could also be involved in the discussion regarding the acquisition of Lorillard by […]