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Fun That Transpired At DC Vapefest

The DC Vapefest was held last March 21-22 at Hyatt Dulles in Herndon, Virginia. Needless to say, it was a successful fundraiser event that was filled with fun and camaraderie (along with vapor clouds). The scent inside the venue was quite intriguing and mystifying. One could have smelt vanilla at one time, cherry at another […]

Different Audience For Different Kinds Of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes definitely have come a long way, despite having been around for less than 10 years in the international market. Early products were made to look more like real cigarettes while modern and more advanced ecigarettes take on rather different and unique appearances. Cigalikes also offer the same sensations that real cigarette smoking offers. […]

Drinking While Vaping With White Cloud Ecig Flavors

You will not have a dull moment with White Cloud ecig flavors. You will always have a variety of options from traditional tobacco to exotic flavors. Moreover, you could also pair your ecig flavors with some drinks and beverages for more fun and excitement in vaping. Two activities that often go together are drinking and […]

Austin City Council Failed To Pass Ecig Ban

Austin City Council has failed to unanimously pass an ecig ban on its last meeting. Yet, the issue is not to be forgotten. The council could still and possibly approve an enactment of an ordinance that will prohibit ecigarettes to be used in all public places for up to one year if council member so […]

Ecig Mod Safety Fuse For Safe Modding

Mechanical mods are products not for beginners, but for experienced users. One major reason is the lack of built-in protections in mods. A lot of dangers may arise from short circuits, battery overdraining, etc. An experienced vaper is one who knows how these issues can be avoid in several ways such as using ecig mod […]

Big Tobacco Could Be Hampering Ecigarette Industry Growth

Ecigarette industry growth has been very impressive so far even though the products are considerably young. However, this amazing boost in the vaping market might be hampered by Big Tobacco. So promising are electronic cigarettes that Big Tobacco companies have all ventured to enter the vaping market. All the three tobacco mammoths in the US: […]

Mini Ecig Mod Versions: iTaste 134 Vs ProVari

Typical electronic cigarettes that mimic the looks of a traditional cigarette might leave vapers with something they need more out of a vaping device. Performance wise, ecig mods are better than the basic ecigarettes. However, if you feel as though an ecig mod is too big or too long for you, there are mini ecig […]

Scrutiny Over New Ecig Taxes By Governor Christie

The governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, is pushing for ecig taxes and Democrats are accusing him of simply trying to introduce new taxes. Incidentally, the governor proposed his 2015 state budget proposal worth $34.4 billion. The controversy comes from the imposition of tobacco tax on electronic cigarettes. Also, the governor would like that online […]

Anti-Tobacco Lobbying Funded By Federal Grants Legally Questioned

The efforts of Obama administration concerning tobacco use and obesity has been earning greater criticisms when it was revealed that anti-tobacco lobbying has been funded by federal grants. This is a restriction violation on using federal funds for policy or political advocacy. At The CNCS It was here at Corporation for National and Community Service […]

Aiming At Environment-Friendly Production Of Electronic Cigarettes

Compared to tobacco cigarettes, ecigs are believed by many as healthier alternatives. Yet aside from the health, financial and social benefits of vaping to smokers, electronic cigarettes are also thought to be better for the environment. Some manufacturers of electronic cigarettes are now looking at environment-friendly production of their devices. Electronic cigarettes also have refillable […]