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Direct Dripping For More Flavorful Vapors

Direct Dripping is alternatively called Dripping or Dry Smoking is vaping ejuice just as one would do when using an electronic cigarette. Yet, this method of vaping does not involve filling of cartomizers or clearomizers. It involves adding a few drops of eliquid directly on the bridge or coil of atomizer and then puffing away. […]

Tools And Steps On RBA Coil Building

There is a sense of accomplishment when you are able to do something on your own. A vaper feels accomplished after finally giving up smoking through vaping. Continuing vaping, a vaper would want to shift from entry-level ecig to other devices and vaping setups. Once again, the sense of accomplishment could be felt by a […]

Some Great Choices For 30Watt Mods

For some vapers, high wattage with sub-ohm (low resistance) vaping is more preferable than anything because it gives them great flavor and impressive amount of vapors. If you are searching for a high wattage device such as 30Watt Mods, here are some of the best choices you have. Sigelei 30W This is usually sold at […]

Signs Of Vapor Couture Users: Etiquette And Accessories

Vapor Couture Users could b easily spotted from the rest of other vapers. Aside from the distinctively chic ecigarettes they vape with, their etiquette and the accessories are also telltale signs they are VC users. Vaping Etiquette Of Vapor Couture Users Bystanders would probably get intrigued by the slim and very feminine ecigarettes used by […]

Upgrade Your Experience Using Vaping Drip Tips

Vaping drip tips are one of the means by which vapers upgrade their experience. Drip tips are essentially mouthpieces that are originally used for dripping eliquids. These days, drip tips are offered in various designs and shapes that they are now used to customize a vaper’s vaping device. Vaping Drip Tips Vs Traditional Ecigs A […]

Cool Pre-Filled Vape Tank From Cool Vapor LLC

Cool Pre-Filled Vape Tank is a patent pending new product from Cool Vapor LLC, a new ecig and vapor device manufacturing venture in St. Louis, Missouri. It is not just pre-filled, but also permanently sealed to offer closed system solution for your vape pens. Cool Pre-Filled Vape Tank It contains USA made eliquid. Each tank […]

JAC Vapour Exchange Campaign Launched

The JAC Vapour Exchange is a six-month campaign of JAC Vapour, one of the leading premium quality electronic cigarette brands in UK. The company has recently started its experiential campaign through the unveiling of its first pop-up vape space found in Edinburgh where the ecig brand hails from. This sponsorship-lead effort is part of the […]

Could You Be The Next Vapestick Style Icon?

After successfully launching ‘Smoking Is So last Season’ a few months ago; Vapestick now introduces its ‘Vapestick Style Icon’ campaign to further strengthen its bonds with design and fashion. The campaign is essentially a contest that will search for the most fashionable vaper who would look best while vaping in front of the camera. Great […]

VV Mod Battle: Kamry K200 Vs iTaste VV

VV mods are ever prevalent in the market. Two of them are Kamry K200 and iTaste VV. While both are variable voltage devices, each offers distinctive features to vapers. Both may also be availed at $60 or less and could be well within the budget of most vapers who want to experience variable voltage vaping. […]

Current Studies For Nicotine And Cancer Relationship Inconclusive

If you are someone who tends to immediately believe every first news article you can find on the internet; then there is a high possibility your belief is one that is far from the truth. One excellent example is the nicotine and cancer relationship. Many articles like the opinion paper in Nature Reviews Cancer journal […]