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DNA30 Mods Showdown: Solara DNA30 Vs VaporShark DNA30

DNA30 mods like Solara DNA30 and VaporShark DNA30 are vaporizers that are powered by Evolv DNA30 chip. Apart from enabling the device to deliver power of up to 30 watts, these mods are also equipped with other amazing features. Solara DNA 30 by Beyond Vape This is offered at $175. This box mod is powered […]

Making Vaping Statement With Vapor Jackets

Switching to vaping alone could already make a statement that you have finally decided to take a step toward a better life. However, if you wish to make a further statement about yourself through vaping, Vapor Jackets offers you a possible option. What Vapor Jackets Offer It offers vapor jackets or wraps or skins for […]

New Tool For Secondhand Smoke Detection

A new tool would very soon be marketed by the Dartmouth College researchers. The new device is said to offer amazing function in secondhand smoke detection. In fact, this tool could even detect third hand smoke not only from tobacco, but also from marijuana smoke all in real time. Product Marketing It is a plug-in […]

Ecigarette Flavor Bans Could Lead To A Debacle

It is easy to realize that ecigarette flavors bans will lead to shambles, but legislators pushing for such restrictions are seemingly dense to understand this. As public servants, they should probably think more thoroughly about their actions. They seem to overlook that the concept of making laws is to find a balance between the possible […]

Ecigarette Ban Debate Occurs Almost Everywhere

Debates about ecigarette ban occur just about everywhere these days. Legislators insist that ecigarette use involve certain risks like renormalization of smoking that need to be avoided by imposing prohibitions. Advocates of smoking dispute by claiming that ecigs are helping smokers quit smoking so smokers must be supported, not discouraged from vaping. In Clinton City, […]

Indoor Vaping Ban Approved By More Britons

Recently collected data by YouGov pollster and Sunday Times showed that more Britons approve indoor vaping ban. These data suggest that majority of Britons favor a total ban on the use of ecigarettes indoors. There were 60% of the surveyed Britons who said that they like to see ecigs that imitate tobacco to be banned […]

Variable Voltage Vaporizers Kanger EMOW Vs VaporFi Rocket

Kanger EMOW and VaporFi Rocket are two variable voltage vaporizers that come from different brands or companies. These two devices might look the same, but possesses some distinctive attributes. Kanger EMOW The starter kit for this device with a US plug is offered for $60. This device has upgraded coils that delivers more and purer […]

Provari 3: Perfected Personal Vaporizer

ProVape has recently come up with a brand new products; the ProVari 3, which is a perfected personal vaporizer. Even before this P3 has been conceived, ProVari is already the recognized gold standard of advanced personal vaporizers. Still, the previous ProVari versions were found with certain flaws and lacking features. All New ProVari 3 This […]

Anti Ecig Law Producing More Law Offenders

Anti ecig law is causing more people to become law offenders. This is not to say that there should never be a law at all, but to make lawmakers realize that they need to change their approach on ecigarette regulations. In Taipei Although the government has imposed a ban on ecigarettes, many sellers and buyers […]

Joyetech eCom Vs VaporFi Pro

Joyetech eCom and VaporFi Pro are examples of devices in the vapor market that somewhat look alike. Apart from their similar appearance, these two products also share certain similarities. Their similar features and even their differences are worth knowing so you could pick the most ideal for your needs and preferences. Joyetech eCom Starter Kit […]