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Ecig London Industry Conference On December

It has been a year since Ecig London 2013 has been held. A past attendee remarked that the past year’s event has given an informed and clear insight on the revolution of electronic cigarettes in Europe and in UK. This year, Ecig London Industry Conference will once again be held to provide an opportunity for […]

Different Battery Sizes: White Cloud Ecigs Vs V2Cigs

White Cloud Ecigs and V2Cigs are two of the more popular brands of electronic cigarettes in the market today. Both are well known for the high quality products and superb customer service they offer to the vaping community. Both White Cloud Ecigs and V2Cigs also offer a product line that includes ecigarette batteries in different […]

Ecigarette Users Have Emotions That Others Must Respect

All people have rights, feelings and emotions regardless who they are, where they are from or what they do. Yet, this is often forgotten and set aside by some vaping critics and commenters when they address ecigarette users. The incident involving Professor John Ashton is just one of the many examples. Vaping critics probably just […]

Vaping Freedom (Continued): Fighting For It

Being finally free from the enslaving grasp of tobacco smoking is a great achievement for every former smoker-turned-vaper. Yet, this vaping freedom and the advantages that come with it are in danger of going away because of some issues such irresponsible vaping actions. Vaping freedom is worthy to be celebrated. One of the many ways […]

Electronic Cigarettes Have Increasing Presence In Pharmacy Shows

Senior Editor Benedict Lam of the PJ Publication has discussed in his latest article that electronic cigarettes are becoming ever present in Pharmacy Shows. Last October 5, Lam attended for the first time a pharmacy show held at NEC Birmingham. As a first timer, he wanted to know what he should expect from the show. […]

Ecigs Help In Quitting, Ecigs Attract New Addicts

The pro side of the vaping debate says that ecigs help in quitting smoking. The anti side says ecigs attract new addicts. This debate continues until now while the many lives remain at risk. Smokers And People Have Minds Of Their Own Despite the vaping critics’ insistence that ecigs attract new addicts and ecigs might […]

First Totally Wicked Victory In EU TPD Challenge

The first Totally Wicked victory has been won by the company in its efforts to challenge the EU TPD. The ecig company based in the United Kingdom has been making the move to go against the efforts of the European Union to regulate ecigs as tobacco products. Totally Wicked has been recently given the approval […]

Nonsmokers’ Responses To Ecig Warning Labels, Misrepresented

A recent experimental study conducted and Popova L and Ling PM about the responses of nonsmokers to the ecig warning labels are misrepresented, according to several experts. Among the best tobacco control practice mandated in the US are graphic warning labels on cigarettes. Smokeless tobacco products like electronic cigarettes, however, are not required to carry […]

ZNA 30 Vs Hana V3

ZNA 30 and Hana V3 are both powered by Evolv DNA30 chip. Although they both possess the amazing features of the power-packed chipset, these two devices still have distinctive features to offer to vapers. ZNA 30 From House Of Hybrids According to House of Hybrids, this mod has been the sought after device since January […]

BAT Pushes Ecigarettes As Medicine In Australia

BAT (British American Tobacco) has been lobbying the Therapeutic Goods Administration in Australia to push ecigarettes as medicine in the country. This information was revealed in the documents that were obtained under the Freedom of Information laws by ABC. Health groups have always been against the tobacco industry and when it ventured into the ecigarette […]