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Electronic Cigarettes: Lesser Devil Worth Choosing

Electronic cigarettes are a lot better than combustible cigarettes, but even vaping advocates would say that using these devices also involves certain risks. Nonetheless, it is the obviously lesser evil when compared to tobacco smoking. Even though a lot of tobacco control and public health experts are issuing warnings to the public about not using […]

Lancashire Conducted A Not Too Insightful Ecigarette Survey

The local health department of Lancashire has conducted a not too insightful ecigarette survey that involved young people 14-26 years of age. The survey asked about the ecigarette use and hookah smoking habit of respondents, but the methodology and the results of the survey do not even hold any relevance at all. According to a […]

Ecigarette Discussion: Looking Ahead At The Industry’s Future

The future of the vapor industry, although it might appear bleak to many, is a crucial ecigarette discussion wherein every stakeholder should get a meaningful insight from. This future will be shaped not just by the technology that appears to be advancing constantly to provide vain g consumers with the best experience possible so they […]

Ban Cigarettes, Allow Ecigarettes In Campuses

Ban cigarettes, but allow ecigarettes in campuses is what vaping advocates petition for. Ban Cigarettes, Allow Ecigarettes At St. Edward’s University St. Edward’s University is a liberal arts Roman Catholic academic institution located in Austin, Texas. Hilltop Views is the university’s local student paper wherein a surprising editorial featured the current issue of banning smoking […]

Dovpo E-Mech: Taking After The Transformers

Dovpo EMech is a mechanical mod, which you can safely say is one for the Transformer fans. Yet, more than the rather weird aesthetic of this device, a vaper knows that there are more aspects to consider if this product is truly worth a vaper’s money and attention. The Dovpo E-Mech This touch screen operated […]

Electronic Cigarettes In Public And As Cessation Tool

The use of electronic cigarettes in public and as smoke cessation tool is the topic of a guest article on by Meaghan Earley. She is an associate at the Euphoria Vapor in Middleburg Heights. She approves vaping in public and vaping for smoke cessation. Banned In Public Or Not Using electronic cigarettes in public […]

Issued New Guidance For Reporting Electronic Cigarette Fires

NFIRSGram is the newly issued guidance that will help fire departments in correctly coding electronic cigarette fires in the National Fire Incident Reporting system. In 2009-2014, there have been 25 separate incidents of ecig-related fire and explosion that were featured in the US media. NFIRSGram aims to simplify the coding of explosion and fire sources. […]

VaporFi Vox 50 Mod And Other 50W Mods

VaporFi Vox 50 Mod is the latest addition to the product line of VaporFi. These days, many vapers are after more power in vaping. Thus, VapoprFi offers you with another option in vaping with 50W mods. VaporFi Vox 50 Mod This mod is about impressive power and performance. This extraordinarily designed advanced personal vaporizer has […]

Best Options For On-The-Go Vaping In The UK

When using electronic cigarettes on the go, it would be a smart idea to carry a portable carry case or PCC. A PCC serves not only a useful purpose in carrying your vape supplies, but also in charging ecig batteries where there are no power outlets at hand. If you are a vaper or wanna-be […]

New Vapestick Advanced Vaping System Rolled Out

The new Vapestick Advanced Vaping System or AVS has been rolled out to all 1,700 Tesco Express stores and 375 Tesco Pharmacies. This Vapestick Advanced Vaping System is equipped with a design that combines the best elements of existing products. AVS is the only product of its kind available in the UK. This AVS covers […]