Better Vapor Production How To Achieve It

Vapor production is one of the aspects that smokers try to look for in electronic cigarettes they buy or use.  Most vapers like to have better vapor production from their devices.

Better vapor production is more than just the kind or type of device you are using. Virtually any device can efficiently produce vapor by applying some tricks and techniques in vaping.

Priming The Device

Both manual and automatic ecig batteries can be primed, but differently from one another.  Take several puffs from an automatic battery in order to preheat the coil and set it to begin making vapors.

About two initial puffs of ecig device are enough to prime a manual battery: one short and one longer than the first.

Better Vapor Production How To Achieve ItProperly Filling Cartridges

Overfilling would most likely cause clogging; which in turn compromise the production of vapor.  The coil’s heat will pull the e-liquid through the wick and too much heat is equivalent to 0 vapors. No vapor will be produced if the wick is overly saturated.

Finding Best Liquid

An e-liquid can be made with either PG base or VG base. PG offers better flavor while VG promises better flavor.  Both flavor and vapor are important in vaping so it is also crucial to find a good combination of VG and PG.

About Dripping

cartomizers and atomizers have this filler material that helps in vapor and flavor delivery.  Yet, this filler can obstruct airflow and thus compromise vapor and also flavor.  You can opt on using hollow drip tips in adding e-liquid to create denser vapor and stronger flavor.

Swapping To Low Resistance

Another trick to do to achieve more vapor is to swap your standard atomizer or cartomizer for something with low resistance.  You use the same wattage, yet you can achieve better satisfaction in each draw.

Minding The Battery

The atomizer’s resistance is unchanged while the battery’s performance depreciates. Thus, less wattage and fewer vapors result.  Keep in mind that batteries with higher capacities can offer more vapor.

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