Different Audience For Different Kinds Of Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes definitely have come a long way, despite having been around for less than 10 years in the international market. Early products were made to look more like real cigarettes while modern and more advanced ecigarettes take on rather different and unique appearances.

Cigalikes also offer the same sensations that real cigarette smoking offers. More modern ecigs promise better nicotine delivery and better satisfaction through much improved performance. In terms of technological advancements, modern devices are a lot better than early instruments.

Yet, there are other aspects of consideration wherein the early ecigs could be better than the newer products in the market.

Cigalikes For Smokers Requiring Familiarity

Familiarity breeds interest. Cigalikes whose appearance and offered sensation mirror those of real cigarettes will most certainly appeal to smokers looking for some things they are familiar with.

It is only natural for some people to have the courage to pursue something they recognize. In switching to vaping, many smokers need some familiar grounds to step on before deciding on the switch. Cigalikes offer them these familiar things such as like holding something that mimics a real cigarette.

They want something soft to place in between their lips. All these are provided to them by cigalikes in addition to the vapor they can inhale and exhale like smoke.

Advanced Ecigs For Smokers Looking For Better Satisfaction

There is a wide array of electronic cigarettes in the market and each of them possesses features that are unique to them. One ecig could be what one group of smokers like, but not for another group.

The first time a smoker transitions to vaping, his/her initial requirement is to have a familiar product to use such as the cigalikes and tobacco-flavored ejuices. However, as he/she continues to vape, he/she will start looking for better products to use.

Thus, he/she will invest money on eGo devices with bigger and better performing batteries; on variable voltage devices that allow him/her to choose the best possible variable or wattage settings; on mechanical mods and rebuildable ecigs that let him/her further vaping customization.

Many advanced and newest products are even intelligent and smart ecigs since they are powered

‘Nicotine absorption from electronic cigarette use: comparison between first and new-generation devices’ is the title of a clinical trial performed by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos and his colleagues from Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center located in Kallithea, Greece. This study demonstrates how ecigs deliver nicotine, satisfy vapers and reduce their cravings.

Participants of this study were 23 experienced vapers and former smokers. The recruited participants were asked to compare a cigalike device and an advanced ecigarette. During the sessions, vapers were asked to take ten puffs during the first 5 minutes and the puff spontaneously in the next hour.

The advanced models, participants reported, have delivered 50-70% more nicotine than the cigalikes. The peak blood nicotine levels occurred at the end of session: 23 nanograms/ml for advanced ecigs, 16 nanograms/ml in cigalikes.

Also, the nicotine delivery of advanced ecigs was better than that of cigalikes. Although more satisfaction and better throat hit are said to be provided by these modern ecig versions, those smokers and users who do not want to experience throat burning would perhaps settle with the cigalikes.

Various Products For Various Preferences

Variety is just one of the aspects that differentiate ecigs from traditional fags. There are different products in the market hat will suit every users taste and preference. Satisfaction is subjective so it depends on one’s personal tastes and needs which products will truly offer the satisfaction desired or needed by each user.

It is not fair for a person to say that ecigs are not satisfactory or effective at weaning cigarette consumption if that person has only tried one electronic cigarette product or brand. As smokers each have their own preferred brand of cigarette; they will most likely find certain types and brands of ecigs to satisfy their palate.

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