Disposable Ecigs Of Popular Brands Compared

Disposable Ecigs Of Popular Brands ComparedDisposable ecigs are ideal products for those first time vapers, and for those who would like to first sample what a certain ecig brand can offer.  Disposable electronic cigarettes are also perfect to use when you are travelling and have no means of recharging your device.

There are a lot of disposable ecigs in the market; so many of them that it can be quite hard to choose which one you could purchase.  Just in case you are contemplating this issue, below are some disposable ecigs from the most popular brands in the market.

Green Smoke

The disposable ecig pack from this brand costs $59.97.  It is not too pricey for a disposable product since there are six of them inside this package.  Each disposable electronic cigarette can last as long as two packs of cigarettes.

Available flavors are Absolute Tobacco and Menthol Ice. Each comes in full nicotine strength of 1.8%.

This is the easiest way by which you can try vaping Green Smoke electronic cigarettes. The device is already pre-charged. You simply take it off its packaging and start enjoying immense vapor and rich flavor.  If 6 disposables are too many for you, you could even give one as gift to your friend.

White Cloud

The disposable ecigarettes from this brand is specifically called Fling, at $5.95 each.   If other brand can only give you 2 flavors in their disposable products, White Cloud can give you more because it offers Fling in 19 different flavors.

Its tobacco flavors are Regular, Apache, Bora Bora and Atlantic Cut.  Menthol, Snap, Iced Berry and Zero K are options for menthol e-liquids.  Strawberry, Bad Apple, Peach Pit, Lime&Coconut and Banana are its offered fruit flavors. Exotic flavor options are vanilla, Espresso, Chocolate, Clove, Cin and Kick.

Each Fling can likewise last for 2 packs of regular cigarettes or 400+ puffs.  Available nicotine strengths are Double Extra, Extra, Full, Light and Nicotine Free.

There are also Fling Minis you can get.  It is available in four nicotine levels: Extra, Full, Light and Nicotine Free.  It is offered in a now special price of $2.95 each.

Moreover, since the comp0any is celebrating its 5th year anniversary, it is offering 500,000 trial size Fling Minis with 50-80 puffs each at a price of $0.99 if you buy 10 or more of them.

Save money by purchasing Fling in packs of 5 for $24.95, 10 for $39.95, 25 for $89.95, and 100 for $325.

V2 Cigs

V2 Disposables are said to be designed and made to be longer lasting and lighter than other brands.  One disposable offers about 400 puffs or roughly 2 packs of cigarettes.  You can get it in Rd Tobacco or Menthol flavor.  Each comes in 1.8% nicotine.  The 5-pack of 400 puffs disposable is $29.95. The 10-pack is $54.95.

V2 Cigs also offer its Zig-Zag disposables, the only products carrying the trademark name of Zig-Zag.  This product comes in either 200 puffs model or 400 puffs model.  You may have a 1.8% or a 2.4% nicotine disposable.

Zig-Zag disposable 200 puffs in 5-pack is $29.95; 10-pack is $54.95. The 400puffs Zig-Zag in 5-pack is $34.95 while 10-pack is $63.95.

Blu Cigs

A Blu Cigs disposable can give up to 400 puffs or 1.5-2 packs of traditional cigarettes. Each device has a blue LED tip that lights up in each draw you take.

The tip is made of silicone with a single hole to give maximized resistance and draw.

Available flavors are Classic Tobacco in 20-24 mg nicotine and Magnificent Menthol with 17-24 mg nicotine. One pack with 4 disposable Blu cigs is worth $39.95.

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