Drinking While Vaping With White Cloud Ecig Flavors

You will not have a dull moment with White Cloud ecig flavors. You will always have a variety of options from traditional tobacco to exotic flavors. Moreover, you could also pair your ecig flavors with some drinks and beverages for more fun and excitement in vaping.

Two activities that often go together are drinking and smoking. Yet, smoking is such a horrible habit that many are dropping it for vaping. Smoking in venues where drinking is allowed will cause you to be kicked out, but if you vape instead, some establishments might even welcome you with open arms.

Regardless where you are enjoying a drink: in a club, bar or privacy of your home, make drinking and vaping with White Cloud ecig flavors more worthwhile and enjoyable with these vape and beverage suggestions. These combinations were personally experienced and tasted by the White Cloud Team. Rest assured, they are still working on more combinations of drinks and ecig flavors for every vaper to enjoy.

These suggestions will come in handy during special occasions or even on an ordinary night where you want to chill on your own.

Hot Bourbon Apple Cider – Atlantic Cut Tobacco

White Cloud Atlantic Cut offers smooth and clean tobacco flavor. Some would pair it with straight and hard whiskey, which is also a good combination. However, White Cloud team member took chance by experimenting it with spirited hot apple cider with bourbon/honey and cinnamon base and the result was rather amazing.

The sweetness of honey and hotness of cinnamon brought out the best in the bourbon as well as the undertones of vanilla and caramel in the ecig flavor. It is a combination worth trying.

White Cloud team apparently tried the hot apple cider with Kick and found that the combo increased every flavor; but did not complement one another. Kick, according to the team, was best paired with a straight bourbon and also Tennessee whiskey.

Amaretto Liqueur – Espresso

Espresso offers the aroma of real coffee beans and like the Italian coffee, it is also best to be paired with complex flavors that are found in fine amaretto liqueur with no reference to any brand.

Just choose one that has strong fruit and almond notes, spice hints and you will experience a robust coffee vaping experience. This is especially good after a great meal.

Pinot Noir – Chocolate

The deep cocoa notes of this White Cloud flavor option is nothing like a sticky candy, but or richer dark chocolate. It offers a bitter hint that is also not so much like a strong cacao flavor in a chocolate bar.

Like chocolate covered strawberries, a few puffs of chocolate will taste great with bold red wine. The deep red fruit flavor will really be enhanced. Chocolate puffs will surely bring out the best in red wine regardless if built on raspberries, currants or cherries.

Tequila – Lime and Coconut

Lime is often paired with rum, daiquiris and mojitos. Yet, White Cloud team chose to experiment with margaritas. They also tried to sip fine tequila with each lime puff and the result was exceptional. Fresh lime inhalation will cut through the complexity of tequila. Coconut on the exhale will soften any residual burn from the cocktail.

White Russian – Zero K

White Russians is usually made from vodka, cream and coffee liqueur. It is a flavor-wise and uniform cocktail to enjoy albeit too rich. Every puff of the Zero K will counter balance the richness through the menthol/peppermint bite of the ecig.

A few long puffs will even brighten the heavy and thick cocktail profile. The peppermint taste offers a candy like finish. It could effectively cleanse the palate in each inhalation that drinking and vaping will never bore you.

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