Ecig Battery Chargers: XTAR WP2II Vs Pila

If you are using disposable electronic cigarettes, you would not bother looking at ecig battery chargers.  Once a disposable ecigarette is used up, simply discard or send the device back to the company for recycling.  Yet, if you are using rechargeable devices for vaping, it sure is worthwhile to check some great ecig battery chargers in the market.

Ecig batteries are of different types and it is very important to remember that you must use only a recommended charger or the charger that came along with your kit when recharging batteries.  Always read and follow instructions when charging batteries not only to ensure your device will work properly, but also to ensure your safety.

Check the compatibility of your batteries and your chargers before plugging into an electricity or power source. Here are two of the vastly used and highly ranked ecig battery chargers in the market.

XTAR WP2II Intelligent Charger

You can get this from various online stores such as Vapor Beast.  Here, you can get it for $24.50 and it even qualifies for the Free Shipping promo.

There are several reasons why this highly recommended charger is a must have. At a single time, you can already charge 2 lithium ion batteries with 3.7 volts.

Apart from reviving your batteries, this charger also ensures that they are protected against overcharging; against over or under voltage, against reverse polarity and a lot more safety features.

XTAR WP2II Vs Pila copyTypes of batteries that can be resuscitated by this charger are 16340, 10440, 18700, 18650, 17670, 14650, and 14500 batteries.

Spacers can be simply added if you need to recharge 18350 batteries. Spacers can be bought from Vapor Beast store too.

This is one of the best chargers ever made available in the market. It is packed with a lot of features, thus, making it a smart charger. Other devices could even be charged with a XTAR kit that has a USB port.  A charged battery needs to be attached to channel one that is just behind the USB port.

It is required to unplug the charger from a power source. The USB light will glow red to indicate that the battery can be used to charge another device like a cellular phone.  You may also use this charger to revive batteries of devices with low resistance (up to 500mAh), but not pass-through vaping devices.

Pila Charger

Another best charger to buy is this Pila Charger. Like XTAR, it is also offered by various online stores on the internet.  NiteMods offer this product for $50.  Many users and consumers regard this as the best lithium ion battery charger. Truly a high quality product, it is designed with a 4-stage charging process.

The first stage involves automatically analyzing the status re remaining level of energy in a battery.  The second stage is called the quick charge where constant current is established.

The third stage is the slow charge where constant voltage is set up.  Finally, the fourth stage is the standby or the termination stage.  With this fourth stage, the charger is ranked among the few charger products in the market with the capability to end the charging cycle so that the battery may be protected against overcharging.

Two separate charging circuits are built inside this charger. This allows you to charge 1-2 same or different batteries at a time.  Each of its charging bays is designed to operate independently from one another so you do not have to place the batteries at the same time. Each battery will receive equal and proper charging.

Once charge cycle has been completed, the charging process will be automatically terminated.  Even if you fail to unplug the charger immediately, there will be no trickle energy that your batteries will receive so overcharging is avoided.

This Pila charger is compatible with any 3.7 volts lithium ion batteries like 118650, 18500, 18490, 18350, 17670, 17500, 16340 and 14500.

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