FanceeJuice: Awesome Juice Without Sorcery

FanceeJuice is an awesome juice with no sorcery. Creating such a liquid needs no magic, only a goal to be the best in the craft of eliquid making and the desire to exceed the expectations of customers.

Vaping Experience From FanceeJuice

Newer eliquid manufacturing companies are beginning to realize that vaping is more than just a smoking substitute, but something that must be enjoyed and savored. Purity is a vitally important aspect.

FanceeJuice Awesome Juice Without SorceryPresentation is one aspect by which FanceeJuice is ahead of its competitors. The eliquid is delivered inside a blue glass bottle with silver foil labeling. This bottle sits inside a sturdy tube made of cardboard. Natural twine secures the tube and a wax seal is affixed on top of the tube.

There are two paper slips inserted into the tube. Written on the paper slips are ingredients of the eliquid and dangers of mishandling. There is also the batch number, actual date of mixing, size of bottle, vapor production scale, quality control signature, etc. Best before and after dates are also written so customers will know when they could experience the peak of the ejuice flavor.

Fancee manifests the responsibility of companies in carrying out their businesses even without FDA approval and regulations. Its website is one of the highly sophisticated and commercial looking websites. There are beautiful graphics, dramatic color theme and amazing use of fonts.

For starter kits do check out our site for updates.

Product Options

Every 15 ml bottle is worth $10.39 (some flavors are $12.99 or $13.99). Add $7.20 if you want to get an eliquid flavor in 30 ml bottle. Available strengths are 0, 8, 12, 16, and 24 mg. Cloudiness options are 70:30, 50:50 and 20:80 (with additional $1). Flavor content options are standard and double flavor.

Cloudiness is the PG/Vg ratio. The more VG an eliquid has, the more vapor could it could produce. The favor options allow you to customize an ejuice’s taste according to your preference.

Flavors of FanceeJuice

Peppered ChocoMint has a minimum price of $12.99. It is a blend of rich and decadent chocolate that is finished with clean and refreshing peppermint.

Meese Track is also sold for $12.99. It is a sweet tooth goodness with the combination of chocolate and hazelnut.

Mellow Mango also starts at $12.99. It is an ejuice that will allow you to mellow out with its tropical-inspired mango vape juice.

Sublime is $12.99 and is among the signature blend from FanceeJuice and offers a refreshing blend of berry and lime with a really cool twist.

Arctic Berry also starts at a price tag of $12.99. It boasts not just a single berry, but a mix of different kinds of berries. This berry goodness is topped off with a cool and icy finish.

MeeseTracks Macchiato is also worth $12.99. Touted as the next chapter for MeeseTracks, this ejuice is the delicious combination of the best selling ejuice with caramel and coffee.

Pumpkin Spice Latte is offered at a starting price of $13.99. This offers a combination of sweet and light coffee flavors that are mixed with the signature pumpkin spice eliquid of Fancee.

Cloudarita starts at $10.39. LimeBerry is a $12.99 ejuice that perfectly combines berry and lime. Joe’s java is a $12.99 vape juice that is perfect to make every morning great for a wonderful day ahead.

McIntosh Magic is $12.99 and will let you vape a perfect flavor of apple. French Vanilla is also offered at $12.99.

Cloud Chocula is $12.99 and will certainly bring to the clouds. BAM, at $12.99 will bring a fruit explosion in your mouth. Cirrus at $12.99 will bring you into a really cold level of vaping with its refreshing offer.

Caramel Apple is also $12.99 and will let you enjoy the sweet caramel without damaging your teeth. Butterscotch is $12.99 and offers an authentic sweet butterscotch taste.

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