Fresher Air To Breathe Thanks To Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes provide smokers and other people fresher air to breathe.  These instruments produce vapors out of a liquid solution. Vapors are almost odorless unlike tobacco smoke that stinks. If ever vapors have an aroma, it would be delightfully enjoyable as they would smell like the flavorings added to them like candies and fruits.

This is just one aspect of ecigarettes that many people find worthwhile about the products so more and more smokers are switching to them. Those who initially took up vaping later found that the devices are helpful in getting away from smoking tobacco cigarettes; such as the customers of two newly opened stores in Kansas, New Smoke and Hutch Vapor.

Helping People Quit

Although some ecig companies were warned by the FDA against claiming that electronic cigarettes are smoke cessation tools, some local sellers are rather bold in making such statements.  In a way, these people are not to be found at faults because people who have used ecigs are testifying that they are now smoke and cigarette (even nicotine) free all because of ecigarettes.

Fresher Air To Breathe Thanks To Electronic CigarettesEcigarettes worked for these people when other approved cessation tools and methods like NRTs and Chantix failed.

Mike Depew co-owns Hutch Vapor with Carrie Stewart and he said that the goal in their store is to help smokers to quit.  The other store, New Smoke is owned by the couple Steven and Linda Maxwell and they share the same goal with Hutch Vapor.

Hutchinson is now the home of these two ecig stores while in Wichita, several ecig shops have also opened in the previous year. The two stores are, however, different in their business approach.

Hutch Vapor is more on the high end of the category while New Smoke operates as mom and pop business.

Former Smokers Owning Ecig Businesses

The new store owners are firm in their goals since they have personally experienced the benefit of ecigs in smoke cessation.  They opened the stores after the devices helped them in quitting.

Steven used to smoke 2 packs of Marlboro Red for the entire 37 years. Carrie was an avid menthol cigarette smoker.  Since they started vaping, they never again touched even a single cigarette.

Although the two stores have a market very much open to them, Stewart noted that it was pretty challenging too because only about 10% of the community have knowledge on ecigs.

Now, not only the store owners are swearing and testifying for ecigs, but also their customers.

Scott Shea is a customer of Hutch Vapor and according to him; he used to smoke one pack of cigarettes a day for 20 years. He has not had another cigarette ever since he tried ecigs.

Along With Advocates As Critics

Electronic cigarettes also have critics and according to them, the products are not regulated.  They claim that due to this, vendors can just put anything in to the e-liquid and not tell the customers.

General manager of Hutch Vapor, Adam Piru, stated that this could be the case for products sold in smoke shops and gas stations.  The local businesses sell e-liquids that are made with PG and VG that are also used in many foods and medicinal products.  Flavors from Hutch include Kentucky Bourbon, Vanilla custard and Snickers.

Meanwhile, New Smoke sells ejuice supplied by Vapor Trail E-cigs, a manufacturer from Wichita.  Vapor Trail’s president, Jason Reece, said that they use VG and PG too.  Maxwell expects their store to soon have a flavor bar.

Owners of Hutch Vapor believe that it is different from other stores because it offers customers the opportunity to mix and create their own e-liquid flavors.  The juice does not necessarily need to contain nicotine.  Depew said that vaping has become a social thing in the community.

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