Growing Electronic Cigarette Industry: New Castleton Shop, New Product From Freshcig

You know that a child is growing when you see that he/she has gained height and weight.  On the same note, you will know that the electronic cigarette industry is growing because of the new stores opening up and the new products being launched in the market.

Vermont Vapor In Castleton Corners

Vermont Vapor is said to be the very first and the largest electronic cigarette seller in all of Vermont State.  At the onset of this month, Vermont Vapor opened its fresh location at 1323 Route 4, Castleton Corners. Electronic cigarettes have rapidly become the new ‘it’ for smokers. These devices contain no tobacco; save for the nicotine that the devices are also able to deliver to the users.  The odorless vapor created by an electronic cigarette is preferred than the repugnant tobacco smoke.

Vermont Vapor was initially founded by Dr. Adam B. Tredwell back in 2009 after he has used the device for two straight years.  Back in those years, he had known that the products were not available in the US and the then manufactured e-liquids were not very satisfying.  With this insight, he was able to provide his customers better. The focus and pride of his business is to provide customers with top rated products and high quality e-liquids.  It resolved the taste issue of e-liquids by using top notch ingredients. E-liquids are maintained fresh through proper refrigeration.  The unpleasant taste usually comes from the degraded quality of nicotine if the solution was not properly preserved.

It is great to know that Vermont Vapor is the first in the electronic cigarette industry to have used droppers that are child-resistant. With this feature, accidental harm to the young ones may be prevented.  Also, before other companies published their ingredients to the public, Vermont Vapor was the first in the electronic cigarette industry to do it.

New e-Volve From Freshcig

In case you think and feel that the current offerings in the electronic cigarette industry is jut leveling on the average, this new product from Freshcig will most likely change your perception.  The official website of Freshcig was previously redesigned and to match this, the company is also offering a new product, eVolve.

Dubbed as the next step for any user of electronic cigarette, eVolve is said to be designed in-house. It is manufactured in the ISO 9001 certified facilities of Freshcig.  Freshcig is located in Manchester in UK. Since it was instituted in 2011, the company has shown constant growth and development and established a position in the electronic cigarette industry.

Possessing the latest in technology, eVolve has a 650 mAh battery that can be charged while the user is puffing and drawing through it.  The cartridge is refillable and offers flexibility to a vaper who would like to choose whatever flavors he/she likes.  Freshcig offer seven flavors that are available in two nicotine strengths: 16 and 24 milligrams.  The flexibility of eVolve also covers the aspect of being interchanged with other products in the Freshcig line.

According to Ben Wilson, MD of the company, the new product has already received quite a positive feedback ever since it was released. Thus, the company is foreseeing that its sales will be much better than the Freshcig Original.  He also said that the electronic cigarette industry in the UK started as a niche, but it is now showing dominance in the market; even threatening, albeit slightly, the tobacco industry. Freshcig will continue to offer unique products to the consumers through constant innovation and excellent customer service.

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