iSmoka Magoo RBA Great Looks Excellent Performance

The iSmoka Magoo RBA possesses beauty is not just skin-deep because as great as its look is its performance. The threading is smooth and silky and it also produces vapor and flavor with such intensity. It is the realization of reasonably priced high end atomizer.

iSmoka Magoo RBA Details

It offers adjustable air and liquid flow and is capable of running with single or dual coils. Stainless steel is the material used in constructing this RBA. Thus, aside from looking elegant, the unit is also tough and robust.

It was also designed to have more flexible features like individual liquid level display window and the adjustable flows or air and eliquid.

Ejuice feeding can be adjusted by turning the mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can be changed in your desired length. The heating coil can also be changed and replaced. The positive pole contact is also scalable to better adapt with and protect battery contacts.

The components included in every package of the unit are mouthpiece cover, tube cover, mouthpiece, clear tube, metal tube, atomizer head, atomizer base. To fill and refill with eliquid, unscrew the mouthpiece and pour liquid from the inwall. The level of ejuice can be viewed through the plastic component of the tube. It is suggested not to fill the tube completely.

User Review

The iSmoka Magoo RBA indeed appears elegant, impressive and very well built. You would be greatly astonished if it is your first time looking at RBAs of this kind. However, for those DIY vapers who have been into rebuilding ecigs for some time will know for sure that Magoo is inspired by the Ithaka atomizer.

It may be copy of another unit, but it is unlike other ordinary clones with inferior appearance and quality. It is, in fact, far from being nasty and run of the mill; but a brilliant and high class clone.

Removing it from the package, Magoo feels as though it is an original. There are no rough edges that are often telltale signs of cheap clones. Everything about Magoo looks seamless.

Its weight is likewise substantial at 73 grams. Moreover, the Magoo also comes with a well-written instruction manual. For other pre-coiled atomizers, the user might need first to recoil the new unit in order to get uncompromised taste. Yet, ago needs no recoiling since its stock coil is perfect as it is.

It will come to you in 1.8 ohms dual coil already pre-built into the atomizer. You have the option to change the setup into single coil.

The air control ring is at the bottom. Just turn it to adjust the draw. You can set up the airflow whether you want a tight draw or an easier draw with more airflow.

To adjust the liquid flow, you need only to turn the drip tip to allow less or more juice into the coil while vaping. This unit, however, holds a much less capacity of about 2.5 ml only.

Magoo might just be a clone for some vapers, but those who have already tested this RBA were definitely not disappointed. In fact, comparing it side by side with other high-end and expensive units will only prove that price is not always a reliable basis for quality and performance.

Magoo can perform just as excellently as other more expensive atomizers. Some users even reported that Magoo remained as an awesome player even when used with thicker eliquids with 70/30 VG/PG base. The stock coil still managed without considerable losses in performance. They even vaped using the stock coil for several weeks and it did not break down.

They also tried it with a 15 watts setup on variable wattage device. The drip tip became hot, but the vapors and flavors were hardly reduced. There were never any dry hits or flooding from vaping with Magoo.

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