New ‘Getting Started’ Section On ProVape Website

ProVape is the provider of ProVari, a premium Variable voltage device that is proudly American made.  Its website,, now features a new section: Getting Started.

Consideration For Customers

Apart from offering a high quality product, it also takes pride in providing a kind of customer service, which is the best possible assistance that clients can receive or get.  The company considers customers as family.

Since it values clients so much, ProVape launched very recently a new section on its website that will certainly help them in properly getting started at vaping.  This section was created with novice vapers in mind.

Getting Started

This website feature will walk any beginner through the new habit of cigarette use.  There is how-to video that anyone who feels quite lost in vaping can watch to be properly in this switch from analog cigarettes.

New 'Getting Started' Section On ProVape WebsiteAll the steps for assembling and operating a ProVape ecig kit can be learned from this section as well as other crucial information like maintenance and needed support for the device.

The instructional video features Janine who gives detailed overview about the amazing ProVari device that is available in two different sizes.

Janine shows the unit and the accessories included in the starter kit.  Provari Original and Provari Mini both uses high performance batteries made of lithium ion.  The devices provide variable voltage options so users can customize the quantity and the intensity of vapor.

There are two batteries in the kit.  The device can accommodate three sizes of batteries: a large 18650, medium 18490 and small 18350.  Mini Provari uses the small 18350, but extension caps can be bought in order to use medium 18490.  Original Provari uses medium 18490, but can also be upgraded for use with large 18650.

It is the unit that controls quantity and intensity of vapor so a battery upgrade will only affect the running time of the device.

The kit also has charger and power cord.  There is also a fluid tank that you can use and maintain with ease.  There is an extra replacement head transferring heat for the creation of vapors.  The adaptor threads will remain concealed using the eGo thread concealer.

The ProVari kit is a complete kit because it contains not just the hardware, but also the smoke juice.  As much as possible, ProVape includes the sample juice in its kits.  Yet, due to availability and laws in the shipment destination, there are instances when kits will not have the sample juice.

 Device Set Up

The how-to video does not only cover the contents of the kit, but also how the device works and how parts must be assembled.

The battery must first be loaded into the device. Unscrew the bottom cap and then insert the battery with positive side first. Screw back the cap and you will see that the LED light will flash.

To fill tank with e-liquid, unscrew the bottom cap from tank and tilt at an angle of 45 degrees.  Slowly pour and fill up to 90% of the tank’s capacity.  Screw back the cap once done. This device can also be used with a different, but compatible tank.

The firing button of the device must be pressed 5 times to access its menus.  Press the button again and you can scroll through them.  Once you have pressed on the selection, allow the device to process it.  Afterward, the button can be pressed again to change the settings.  Wait again for a few seconds for the settings to take place before you can close the menu.

The video will let you go through the menus of your device.  When replacing the atomizer head, you will also watch from the video that you need to set the voltage first to low (like 3.3 volts) to avoid dry burning of wick.

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