No Electronic Cigarettes Allowed In Richland Campus

At Richland College, no person is allowed to smoke or use electronic cigarettes inside the campus. These modern devices are now treated in the institution as regular tobacco cigarettes.

Issue Brought Up Last Summer

Last summer, the Thunder Team (Richland’s Senior Leadership Team) was informed about this issue on electronic cigarette. The leadership team was told about some students who puff on their ecig devices along corridors and hallways.  Some even vape inside their classrooms.  They investigated about the problem as they have received numerous complaints already.

According to the student vapers, their instruments are free from tobacco smoke emissions.  Thus, they thought that using them will not be a violation to the smoke policy.

The final decision was to consider and treat ecigarettes as if they were traditional cigarettes.  This was added up to the Richland’s operational memorandum on smoking policy.

A Smoke Free Campus

The college of Richland is a campus free from smoke and from tobacco.  No one is allowed to smoke or use tobacco products.  Furthermore, selling tobacco and ecig products inside the campus are outlawed.  The rule has already taken effect since two months ago in July, but many students are still not aware or choose to be unmindful about the enforced policy.

According to Janet James (Dean, President’s executive assistant and Thunder Team member) stated that if there are student wishing to smoke cigarettes or vape electronic cigarettes, they can still do so in the designated zones for smoking.  These smoking areas are outside the halls of Del Rio, Verde, Wichita and Pecos.  Fines will be collected from those who will violate.

Why Ecigs Are Banned

The ecig ban was decided based on the data the Thunder Team gathered during its research. They found that the FDA has issued warnings about ecigarettes.  The devices were described not free from emissions and that air pollution is possible if a number of people are all together using the device inside a closed room.

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