Proper Way To Dispose Ecigarette Wastes


As more and more people are using electronic cigarettes, more and more ecigarette wastes are accumulated.  One of the advantages of ecigarettes over traditional cigarettes is they are environmentally friendlier.  Certainly, using ecigs does not produce ash and cigarette butts, but there are still used up batteries, cartridges and other rubbish that all vapers need to properly dispose of.


They have small plastic tips and polyester filling soaked with nicotine-laced solution.  Some cartridges can be replaced, while others can be refilled.  In recycling or refilling them, take care not to overfill them with liquid.

Even refillable cartridges need to be discarded after some time.  Proper cartridge disposal involves taking out the filler first and washing it with water. Wrap in a biodegradable stuff before throwing away in the bin. Wash the cartridge too and plug with its original plug then discard like an ordinary plastic waste.


They are typically discarded much like used up cartridges. Remember to wrap the waste and place back in the original package then tape it. This way, no animal could accidentally eat small non-edible parts.


In the US, the federal government has classified lithium ion batteries as non-hazardous. They are safe fof disposal in municipal water stream.  These batteries may still contain iron, cobalt, copper and nickel, but these metals are considerably safe to be discarded in incinerators and landfills.

Yet, rather than quickly throw batteries away, a better way to get rid of ecigarette wastes from used up batteries is to recycle them.   In the UK, a regulation called ‘Battery Directive’ is enforced so that used household batteries including ecig batteries will not merely accumulate in landfills.  Thus, retail establishments and even grocery stores usually provide collection bins where people can freely place their wastes. Collected batteries will be brought to recycling facilities.

There are various ecig companies that offer recycling program to their customers. The programs merely require that you send used up batteries or devices to them, from which you might even get free items.

Disposable egics like blu cigs are pretty much discarded like used batteries: throw them in collection bins or send back to the company to be recycled.


It depends on what material the package is made of. If made from plastic, dispose like other plastic products.  If carton-made, dispose like carton or paper wastes.

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