Selling Great Eliquids From Arkansas eLiquid Co

Arkansas eLiquid Co offers expertly hand-crafted eliquids that are produced in-house. These are award winning products that you can enjoy vaping with.

Award Winners

The 2014 SpinFuel Choice Award Winning flavors of ejuices from Arkansas eLiquid Co cost from $11.99 to $17.99. Get them in either 15 or 30 ml bottles. You may have them in house blend or you may choose other VG/PG ratios including 30/70, 50/50, and 80/20. Available nicotine strengths are 0, 6, 8, 12, 18 and 24 mg.

Cinnamon Apple is a combination of cinnamon and apple and offers the perfect blend of sweet and spicy flavors. You will surely fall in love with the perfectly blended tastes of apple and cinnamon that will tickle your palate. This juice can produce a lot of vapors and can deliver solid thumping throat hit. You could vape all you want and still want more.

Baker’s Berry is actually a medley of berry fruits with cream. Strawberries, Raspberries and blueberries are mixed in excellent proportions and made richer with the addition of creamy goodness. This fantastic berry cream concoction could easily earn your 5-star commendations.

Tigers Blood tastes nothing like the red iron blood of the furious animal. Instead, its strawberry and coconut goodness will even tame you as you vape because it is simply so good. It will satisfy and easily make you smile because of the heavenly mingling of flavors that will dance on the tongue while vaping.

Eliquid Reselling

The three flavors of eliquds are only some of the other great tasting ejuices from Arkansas eLiquid Co. You will definitely not make a bad decision vaping these eliquids; more so selling them and making money through them.

Selling Great Eliquids From Arkansas eLiquid CoThe company offers OurShine ReSeller Program for bulk buying eliquids. This is the new offered reseller program by Arkansas eliquid. The high demands for Arkansas eliquids to be sold in more stores have brought about this program’s conception.

Thus, the company started hand picking businesses it believes are worthy to be offered their eliquid products. If you are interested in reselling Arkansas eliquids, simply contact the company and state your interests and concerns.

All of its resellers are provided with a beautiful and professionally hand crafted sample bar made of wood for a more enticing way of sampling 20 different flavors for current and potential customers.

In order to qualify, you need to ensure that there is a space inside your store or establishment that you are willing to be used for the provided sample bar. the sample bar is hand crafted and the eliquid is placed inside Evod tanks.

First impressions last and vaping these eliquids with Evod tanks offer that best possible experience. Vaping with eVod offers the best and most consistent flavor.

Every reseller starts selling in bottles. There are plastic and new recyclable glass bottles that can hold 15 or 30 ml eliquids. There is Buy in Bulk program where you can buy 3 in order to save money. The company does not want to compete with their resellers so it settles on identical price points.

White label branding is not offered at this time because the company is working to further create itself as a well-known brand of eliquid in the market. The performance of resellers is assessed by the company. It evaluates whether a reseller could really sell the products well and only then will a reseller be allowed to purchase half liters, liters or gallons of ejuices.

If the company thinks that you are a suitable reseller, its team will come to you on your available tim or you may also be sent about 10 flavors that you could sample.

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