Signature Ejuice Blends From Good Life Vapor

Signature Ejuice Blends From Good Life VaporGood Life Vapor blends its ejuices according to what the best flavor is, on what will produce the best vapor production and the best throat hit.  Various ratios are also used and a ratio is used based on what will be best for a certain flavor.

Unlike other ejuice vendors that offer clients to change the ratio of ingredients, Good Life Vapor has no such offered option.  This is because is juice mixers went through thorough testing of flavors to determine the best ratio.  On the same note, flavor shots are not offered because it would only affect the quality of the juice and will compromise the user’s vaping satisfaction.

Phil Busardo’s Favorite

One of the flavors offered by this ejuice vendor, Deadly Sin, is among the highly preferred juices of Phil Busardo, a renowned vaping blogger and reviewer.

According to him, this Signature Blend always allows him to find something new.  He sometimes discern a caramel taste, a butterscotch, graham crackers and cinnamon from vaping this juice flavor.

Deadly Sin is one sweet bakery tobacco juice vape. It is made with 50/50 base ratio. Puffs of this flavor will leave your surroundings smelling deliciously of cakes and cookies.  Some users reported this vape juice to be similar to Smores, Cinnamon Buns or Crispy treat.

Good Life Vapor offers its juices at $6 for 10 ml bottles.  Purchase the 30 ml bottle by adding $99; 50 ml by adding $14 and 100 ml by adding $29. Its offered nicotine strengths are 0, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg.

Aside From Deadly Sins, the other Signature Blends from this vendor are:


This is another vape juice flavor that changes in tastes in each puff that you make. One puff will deliver coffee flavors, next is chocolate. Another puff and you will get Tiramisu essence and another puff will give you espresso.

This juice will simply get you in the mood to puff more just to get exactly what flavors it delivers. Even if you cannot actually pinpoint what it is, one thing can be guaranteed in each puff and it is satisfaction.

Atom Bomb

This ejuice flavor will give you an explosion of fruits like Raspberry, Green Apple, etc.  This fruity blast is perfectly enjoyed with Menthol.

Baja Breeze

This is a vape juice inspired by the wonderful flavors of tropical lime soda that is great to vape with menthol.

Bangkok Dangerous

This is a nutty, woody and natural tobacco that exudes a mystical herbal essence yet gives you such a calm feeling while vaping.

Beach Bonfire

This sweet vape juice is the mixture of coconut milk and strawberry and later infused with subtle cinnamon rum hints.  vaping it would be like sipping your strawberry daiquiri in front of a bonfire while at the beach.

Black Fairy

Blackberry and Absinthe are the two outstanding flavors in this juice that is added with a twist that is not menthol.  It is a smooth subtle vape that will tingle your taste buds.

Black, Blue & Bloody

This is a berry vape that delivers everything from the berry spectrum.  You will enjoy nothing but berry sweetness in this juice.


This offers the sweet goodness of freshly picked citrus fruits like limes and oranges in the creamy background of coconut.  The flavor is more like of ambrosia rather than a tropical concoction.

Dorky Pattie

This is of bittersweet chocolate on every inhalation with crisp and cool peppermint on every exhale.

El Kamino

This is a tobacco blend that has hints of sweetness and flavors of cocoa and graham.  It is a flavor that will please lovers of Blackish cigar. It is a juice designed for drippers and users of RBA.

English Bulldog

Each puff is reminiscent of pipe tobacco; a juice that delivers attitude in vaping.  It is slightly sweet, slightly nutty with something fresh and tropical.

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