Stricter Ecig Laws Probable In Illinois

Starting January 1, ecig kits sales to minors in Illinois will already be prohibited, but stricter ecig laws are about to be further implemented to effectively curtail the products.

According to public health advocates, they are planning and taking into consideration if they will ask legislators to change the law regarding smoking to include these controversial products in the currently enforced Illinois Smoke-Free Act. This is despite the devices not emitting smoke, but only vapor.

American Lung Association in Upper Midwest advocacy Vice President Kathy Drea said that they are considering pushing for tighter ecig laws.

Moving Forward In Legislation

It applies to cigars, cigarettes, hookahs, pipes and other related materials that are lit. There were a few cities, colleges and government agencies like Transportation Department that grouped ecigs together with other traditional cigarettes.

Ecigarette opposing groups, however, said they are moving forward to the legislation of these products.  American Cancer Society public policy director Heather Eagleton said that they like ecigs to be included in the smoking or tobacco law. Yet, they are afraid to open the law as the law is often open to amendments that can make it weak.

Public Health Department in Illinois is at a lateral position as it awaits the decision of the FDA on how it would decide on electronic cigarettes regulations on which it will base its own decisions for dealing with ecigarettes.

Spokeswoman Melaney Arnold said that there are no real studies to prove the adverse effects of these gadgets to the users and to the onlookers. After the FDA has released or announced its proposal on ecig monitoring, laws in Illinois will then be changed accordingly.

Possibility of stricter laws was brought forward after the legislators approved ecig sale ban to minors last spring.  Afterward, the Governor Pat Quinn signed the bill to become a law last August 15.  According to Sen. John Mulroe, the law could still be modified depending on the upcoming report of the FDA.

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