The Mistreatment That Electronic Cigarettes Receive

Electronic cigarettes, since their early days in the market, have shown great potentials in saving lives and benefiting the society in general. Many former smokers attest that their lives and health improved all because of ecigs. Despite all these inspiring stories, it is ironic that health groups, regulators, officials and advocates are mistreating demonizing these revolutionary products.

The Fight Continues

The fight against smoking continues up to these days. Smoking remains the most devastating cause of otherwise preventable deaths and diseases not only in the US, but all over the world. Yet, Dr. Gilbert Ross believes that it is only shameful that Big Tobacco is no longer the opponent, but the tobacco control movement and the very people who have fought the tobacco wars in the recent years.

The Mistreatment That Electronic Cigarettes ReceiveRoss is the executive and medical director of American Council on Science and Health, which is a public health non-profit body. Almost half a million people in the USA die every year because of smoking-related causes. The USA has a smoking population of more than 40 million.

Even though electronic cigarettes have been so helpful to a lot of people, there are many groups opposing them such as American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, FDA and CDC. These agencies travel across the US to regale their audiences listening to their stories of hypothetical and assumed ecig dangers.

They choose to reject ecigarettes even though majority (almost all) of FDA approved cessation methods are known for their appalling failure. Lack of effective quitting methods warrant the early deaths of addicted smokers.

These groups all advocate and encourage smokers to drop their smoking habits. Yet, now that there are ecigarettes that could help smokers achieve this goal, they mistreat the devices. These anti-smoking turned anti-vaping groups only want smokers to use ineffective methods. Either use these ineffective tools or accept that life is very short to live.

Restricting Saving Of Lives

Smokers smoke for the nicotine. Nicotine is not the cause of smokers’ deaths. Yet, health regulators and officials care not to inform people about the almost miraculous potentials of ecigarettes. Officials are spreading unnecessary scare and thus forced communities and cities to ban and to restrict the use of ecigarettes.

Ecig use being banned in public like smoking forces vapers to join smokers outside. Smoking policies were essentially made to protect non-smokers from dangers of secondhand smoke. Ecigs have no smoke, first hand pr secondhand. Moreover, vapers are technically non-smokers so smoking policies fail to protect them from the harmful cigarette smoke.

In Los Angeles and other large cities in the US, a perverse public health twist made officials vote for the ban of ecig use in public including parks and beaches. The approval of such laws was pushed although numerous experts have testified that banning ecig use is counterproductive. Official choose to support and favor the sides of anti-vaping advocates who have baseless fears about vaping.

Confusing Objectives

Some groups and some people simply display rather weird and erratic ways of thinking. One example is when an organization’s representatives who were known to fight against smoking actually lobbied against a policy that will ban ecigs to minors.

Anyone with sensible manner of thinking would agree that ecigarettes are products not meant for children. The group is stubbornly standing in the way of sensible age-based regulation all because they think that ecigs will be placed in a special category.

They claim that this will only exempt the devices from strict policies on tobacco products. They perception and the perception of other regulators are puzzling. They think that ecigs are tobacco, but ecigs contain not even a hint of tobacco.

They are nicotine delivery devices whose produced vapors are harmless. Taxing and regulating ecigs like tobacco will basically deprive smokers of viable solutions to their smoking problems. Mistreating ecigarettes is mistreating these people who really need help in giving up smoking.

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