Green Smoke Mountain Clove Flavor

Green Smoke customers who have been requesting for more flavors are getting there dream come true.

Green Smoke will be launching its new Mountain Clove flavor cartridges this summer (now available), much to the delight of vapers who crave clove cigarettes. According to the people from Green Smoke, this new line of FlavorMax cartomizers is strikingly similar to real clove cigars. I had the privilege of trying out a few samples before they are released in the market and I must say “strikingly similar” is an understatement. Green Smoke’s Mountain Clove cartridges are actually better than the real thing!

1 clove ecig battery on mound of loose cloves

Smokers who have tried clove cigarettes know that they beat all other white cigarettes in terms of taste. Cloves mixed with tobacco give off a sweet, mellow, spicy flavor as they enhance the buzz from the nicotine. With Green Smoke’s Mountain Clove cartridges, you can enjoy the strong sweet and spicy taste on your lips without the tar that comes from burning tobacco. A great complement to coffee and dry red wine.

You will be able to pull around 360 puffs from each Mountain Clove cartridge – equivalent to roughly 1.5 packs of clove cigarettes.

FlavorMax Mountain Clove cartomizers will be offered in five nicotine strengths: Strong (2.4%), Full (1.8%), Light (1.2%), Ultra Light (.6%), and Zero.

Despite growing competition, Green Smoke continues to dominate the ecig industry with its flavor quality. It has the best customer retention rate in the industry because vapers prefer Green Smoke cartridges over other premium brands.

Green Smoke may not have every flavor possible but it covers all the right bases – robust tobacco, natural tobacco, sweet cigar, menthol, and a couple of food-based flavors like chocolate, mocha, and vanilla.

Absolute Tobacco offers the bold, sweet taste of natural tobacco. Red Label is similar to the flavor of Marlboro Red, with a robust, woody flavor. Tobacco Gold is a rich blend of Burley, Oriental, and Virginia tobacco flavors and has a rich, sweet taste similar to a cigar.

Just like traditional menthol cigarettes, Green Smoke Menthol Ice has a very strong, refreshing, mint taste. If you like Hershey’s chocolates, mocha latte, and vanilla-flavored desserts, you will love Green Smoke’s Smooth Chocolate, Mocha Mist, and Vanilla Dreams cartomizers.

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