Volcano Ecigs Review

If you’re looking for a true one stop shop for electronic cigarettes, then Volcano Ecigs review here is the best place to go. Unlike most ecig companies that offer only mini or modified styles, Volcano Ecigs covers the entire spectrum of vapers. Whether you’re a transitioning smoker or a veteran e-smoker, you’ll find the right e-cigarette for you at Volcano Ecigs.

There are basically three types of electronic cigarettes – mini, mid-sized, and variable voltage (mods). Volcano has thrown in an additional model so you have a total of four ecig kits to choose from. Accessories are interchangeable so you have plenty of customization options.

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The Volcano (mini), the Magma (mid-sized), the Inferno (high-end), and the Lavatube (variable voltage) can all be used with refillable tanks so you can save on long-term vaping costs. A bottle of Volcano V-Liquid, which costs around $13, is equal to 10 packs of cigarettes.

The Volcano and Magma cigs come with a flip-top style portable charging station called the V-Pack and M-Pack that also serves as storage for spare batteries and refill cartridges.

Among all e-cig brands that we have reviewed, Volcano offers the most number of flavors of e-liquid and pre-filled cartridges. Choose from 34 awesome flavors ranging from classic tobacco and menthol to authentic reproductions of popular fruits, soda, and candies.

Pros and Cons


  • US-made ingredients
  • 34 flavors to choose from
  • Extra high nicotine strength
  • Multiple colors, sizes, and vapor delivery options
  • Mobile charging methods for vaping on the go
  • Interchangeable accessories
  • Video chat support
  • Comprehensive instructional video vault
  • Secure website with SSL encryption
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Free FedEx 2-day shipping on orders over $100


  • Each cartridge is equal to only 10 cigarettes
  • Poor customer service
  • Limited warranty
  • No money back guarantee

Full Volcano Electronic Cigarette Review

The Volcano e-liquid is 100% made in the US, formulated using the highest quality ingredients in a tightly controlled environment. Each flavor is batch tested by an independent third-party toxicology test provider to guard against impurities.

  • The Volcano – The Volcano electronic cigarette is one of the smallest e-cigs currently on the market. When fully assembled, the Volcano is the exact same size as a traditional cigarette, making it a great fit for transitioning smokers. Each cartomizer can produce the same number of puffs as 10 regular cigarettes. The Volcano comes with a V-Pack that can charge your batteries on the go.
  • The Magma – The Magma electronic cigarette offers power and portability in a small size. When fully assembled, the Magma looks like a 100’s style cigarette measuring 4.25 inches in the drip configuration and 4.45 inches in a tank setup. Instead of pre-filled cartridges, the Magma uses a tank system that is easily refillable and reusable, making it ideal for half-a-pack smokers who demand more out of their mini ecig. Use the M-Pack to charge and store your Magma batteries.
  • The Inferno – The Inferno is the hottest selling product at Volcano Ecigs. Designed for pack-a-day smokers, the Inferno battery provides enough power to last a day and is built with a USB port so you can vape while charging. It also has a 5-click switch that allows you to turn the e-cigarette off when not in use. The Inferno delivers nicotine through a tank system which is composed of a 4ml tube tank, a 1.5ohm resistance cartomizer, a silicone seal, and a clear plastic drip tip. When fully assembled with a TubeTank, the 650mAh Inferno measures 5 inches long and the 900mAh Inferno measures 5.5 inches long.
  • The Lavatube – Sitting at the top of the variable voltage category, the Lavatube is packed with features that any vaping connoisseur will love. This 8-inch model has a sleek aluminum or copper body, LCD screen that displays current voltage setting, vented removable end cap with spring for battery tension, and buttons for power, activation, and voltage adjustment.

    The Lavatube is powered by one rechargeable AW IMR High Drain18650 LiMN battery and delivers nicotine through a tank system that’s built with a 7ml tube, 3ohm resistance cartomizer, silicone seal, and clear plastic drip tip.

    The Lavatube battery has different power settings ranging from 3V to 6V with 2.5 amps of current. If you want really thick clouds of vapor, you can set the voltage to 6V. If you want a more discrete puff, set the battery to 3V. Mod users usually vape on a 3 or 4 setting.

    The Lavatube was voted “Best New Mod” by Guide to Vaping in 2011.

Packaging and Style

Volcano offers four types of starter kits.

The Volcano Starter Kit comes with a plethora of accessories that will have you vaping right out of the box, including 2 Volcano batteries (black or white), a V-Pack charger, 1 wall charger, 1 mini USB cable, 1 USB charger, and a pack of 5 cartomizers in your choice of flavor and strength.

Volcano has recently added a new Express Starter Kit to its lineup for those who are trying out e-cigs for the first time but plan to upgrade later on. The Volcano Express Starter Kit contains all the stuff you need to have an outstanding vaping experience, including 2 cartomizers, 1 Volcano battery, and a USB charger.

The Magma Starter Kit includes everything you need to vape on the go, including 2 Magma batteries, 1 Tank-o-mizer, an M-Pack charger, 1 USB charger, 1 wall charger, 1 mini USB cable, 5 blank tanks, and a 15ml bottle of V-Liquid.

Available in blue, pink, red, silver, or black, the Inferno Starter Kit includes 2 Inferno batteries (650mAh and 900mAh), 1 wall charger, 1 mini USB cable, 1 tube sock, 1 fully assembled TubeTank vapor delivery system, 5 replacement cartomizers, and a 15ml bottle of V-Liquid.

The Lavatube Starter Kit includes 1 Lavatube unit, 1 carry case, 1 AW IMR High Drain 18650 rechargeable LiMN battery, 1 XTAR WP2 II multi-charger, 1 Black Swirl acrylic drip tip, and 1 high resistance atomizer (3ohms).

Volcano also offers disposable e-cigarettes for those who are looking to try a new ecig brand but are hesitant to spend so much on a starter kit. Volcano disposable are available in tobacco or menthol flavors, in 16mg, 8mg, and 0mg strengths. Each disposable cigarette is equivalent to around 2 packs of cigarettes.

Flavor and Vapor

The new Volcano Premium pre-filled cartomizers use medical grade cotton for wicking and have a patent pending design that performs better than any other brand. Each cartomizer contains enough e-liquid to give you as many puffs as half a pack of traditional cigarettes.

Volcano’s e-liquid contains only four ingredients: Propylene Glycol (USP Grade), Glycerine (USP Grade), nicotine (optional), and natural and/or artificial flavoring.

Volcano Ecigs currently offers 34 different flavor options. If you’re a vaping beginner and are not yet ready to explore unfamiliar flavors, start with any of these four classic flavors: Tobacco, Tobacco Pure, Menthol, and Menthol Burst.

RY Four was the first flavor ever created for vaping and is a classic mixture of tobacco, vanilla, and caramel.

Sharks Clove brings you the spicy delight of traditional clove leaves in e-liquid form.

If you like fruit juices, then you’ll love Volcano’s delightful flavors of Aloha Apple, BlueWater Punch, Hula Punch, Kawika’s Kiwi, Lahaina Lychee, Maui Mango, Pearadise, Pele’s Papaya, Pineapple Punch, Pipeline Peach, and Waikiki Watermelon.

The candies that you loved as a kid have been remade into vaping flavors for grownups in the following varieties: Bonzai Banana, Cherry Lava, Cotton Candy, Grape Escape, Jungle Fruit, Red Hot Lava, and Sweet Tart.

Your favorite drinks and desserts are now a vaping delight with Volcano’s Choconilla Haze, CooCoo Coconut, Hawaiian Espresso, Kona Coffee, Mauna Dew, Milk Chocolate, Red Wings, Shaka Strawberry, Surfer Soda, and Vanilla Bean.

Mix up these fantastic flavors in your tank system to create a customized vaping experience.

Nicotine Levels

Volcano’s V-Liquid comes in four different nicotine concentrations:

  • Extra High: 24mg
  • Full Flavor: 16mg
  • Lights: 8mg
  • Zero: no nicotine

Battery Life and Charging

Volcano batteries usually last through 60 minutes of continuous vaping. Magma batteries roughly produce 2 hours of continuous use time. Inferno batteries with 650mAh rating can be used up to 4 hours before recharging. The Super Inferno 1000mAh battery lets you enjoy around 6 hours of vaping between charges.

Due to the variable voltage capabilities of the Lavatube, it is nearly impossible to gauge the amount of time the battery will last. Based on the average smoker’s experience, the Lavatube lasts around 6 to 8 hours on a single charge.

Regulated output on Lavatube batteries keeps the voltage the same with each puff – regardless of the remaining battery power. As the battery drains, the ecig will keep the voltage consistent.

If the activation button is held down for 10 seconds or longer, the Lavatube will shut itself down until the button is released to prevent overheating the atomizer and the device.

The Lavatube will automatically drop the voltage to 3.7 volts when it detects a low-resistance atomizer to protect both the battery and atomizer. If the atomizer is too low or shorted out, it will shut off power to the device to protect the Lavatube from being damaged.

The Lavatube continuously monitors battery voltage and automatically turns the device off when the battery is discharged. The device will also shut itself off if it detects any excessive over-current conditions.

The Lavatube has a built-in voltage meter. Simply press the red power button 7 times and it will display the voltage of the battery for a few seconds. This way you can monitor the power left in the battery. Once the battery voltage has dipped to 3.6 volts, it is suggested to recharge it. The LCD screen will also flash when the battery needs to be charged.

Volcano Ecigs Value

At $64.99 before coupons, the Volcano starter kit is $5 cheaper than similar bundles from Blu Cigs and Apollo.

The Magma starter kit gives you the best value for your money with 2 batteries, a portable charging case, a complete tank setup, and a 15ml bottle of V-Liquid which is equal to 10 packs of cigarettes for only $74.99 before Volcano coupon codes.

Compared to ProVari which costs $159.95 for just the unit and $211.95 for a kit, the Lavatube is a steal at $99.99 (unit) and $139.99 (kit).

A 5-pack of Volcano pre-filled cartomizers costs $11.99, which translates to around $4.78 per pack of cigarettes. They’re convenient to use but very expensive when compared to other brands. If you want to really enjoy huge savings, use blank tanks with your Volcano electronic cigarettes and refill them with Volcano V-Liquid.

For only $12.99 you can get a 15ml bottle of Volcano V-Liquid which is equal to a carton of cigarettes, bringing down your pack-a-day cost to $1.30.

Support & Customer Service

The Volcano Video Vault contains comprehensive tutorial videos on each Volcano electronic cigarette model. On the blog you’ll also find valuable product updates, FAQs, company news, featured vaper profiles, and tips and tricks on how to get the best e-smoking experience out of your Volcano, Magma, Inferno, and Lavatube ecig.

Volcano Ecigs offers free shipping on all orders over $50 and free 2-day FedEx shipping on orders $100 up.

The Volcano customer support is not the most popular online. Many users have complained of poor service, especially on replacement and shipping issues.

About The brand “Volcano” Fine Electronic Cigarettes

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes is a leading manufacturer of premium electronic cigarettes and vaping accessories in the United States. Headquartered in Hawaii, Volcano Ecigs has been in business since August 2009. The company has expanded its operations throughout the world in order to keep pace with the exponential growth of the industry and has manufacturing and retail locations throughout the US, UK, and Southeast Asia.

Volcano E-cigs are made from the highest quality ingredients formulated and bottled in the USA and tested by independent testing facilities to ensure quality.

Volcano Ecigs has consistently pushed the envelope with innovative product releases that meet and exceed the needs and wants of the electronic cigarette community. With a proven track record of releasing quality products and providing exceptional customer service, Volcano Ecigs has built a reputation that consumers can count on.

Volcano Fine Electronic Cigarettes is a BBB Accredited Company with an A- rating.

Volcano Ecigs Conclusion

Few companies can offer it all. In fact, among all the electronic cigarette brands that we have reviewed, only Volcano and Apollo feature the entire spectrum of e-cigs from minis to mods.

Comparing the two, Apollo’s starter kits are cheaper while Volcano’s e-liquid gives you more value for your buck. While Volcano has a whopping 34 flavor varieties to Apollo’s 19, the latter offers more nicotine strength options.

Vapor production from e-cigarettes made by Volcano is pretty impressive even from its smallest ecig. Battery performance is typically what you would expect from each model’s size, with extra-capacity batteries available for the Inferno.

Since all Volcano electronic cigarettes can be used with blank cartomizers and tanks, you can enjoy huge savings when refilling them with very affordable Volcano V-Liquid. Volcano Ecigs is also one of the few e-cigarette companies that offer free shipping.

Depending on your familiarity, comfort level, and vaping demands, Volcano has the perfect e-cigarette that is most suited for your lifestyle