White Cloud Review

White Cloud e Cig claims to offer the most powerful e-cigarette on the market today. Is the hype worth it or is this another marketing gimmick? Let’s look at the brand closely in this detailed White Cloud review.

White Cloud electronic cigarettes feature a variety of nicotine levels, battery sizes, cartridge flavors and jacket designs so that vapers have as many options as possible. Battery performance is exceptional and the cartridges are long lasting. On a single charge the new Cirrus 3X battery lasts more than 18 hours, with an average of 600 puffs per cartridge.


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White Cloud e-gics takes great care to ensure that the draw, heat and weight of the vapor created by its ecigs are as close as possible to the smoke created by burning tobacco. Its SmoothDraw technology not only replicates natural smoking behavior but also eliminates the need to clean and replace the atomizer.

Each White Cloud E cigarette cartridge is equivalent to two packs of traditional cigarettes, which is double than the industry average. With six nicotine levels to choose from, including Double Extra strength that contains 5.4% nicotine, White Cloud is the only brand that can deliver the nicotine kick that heavy hitters crave.

In order to make its premium e-cigs available to more smokers, White Cloud implemented a huge permanent price drop in February 2013. Originally sold at $150, the Cirrus II starter kit can now be purchased for less than $50. Disposable Flings are at $3.59 while SmoothDraw cartridges are as low as $1.99.

White Cloud has been featured on Forbes, Better Living, BarBiz Magazine, and Tampa Bay Business Journal. The brand also received the Gold Award from TopTenReviews.com in 2013.

White Cloud is available online as well as 31 retail outlets in Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

Pros and Cons


• High vapor production
• Smooth and quiet draw
• Unmatched throat hit
• 16 flavors in 6 nicotine levels (up to 54mg extra strength)
• Long-lasting, fast-charging batteries
• Phantom batteries offer stealth vaping options
• Intuitive accessories
• Extended 2-year warranty
• Available in brick and mortar stores


• Not all flavors are available in the different nicotine levels
• No free shipping
• No e-liquid

Full White Cloud Review

White Cloud’s flagship product is the Cirrus, named the best e-cigarette in the world.

In May 2010, White Cloud introduced the Cirrus II which is 30% smaller and lighter than its predecessor. It produces more vapor and has the easiest draw for the most realistic smoking experience.

A year later, White Cloud launched the Cirrus III which is 3/8″ shorter, 36% lighter, and allows for quicker vapor draw. With a charging time of only 60 minutes, a puff count of 200 per charge, and onboard shock absorbing technology, the Cirrus III is not only the smallest and lightest but also the most stable e-cig battery in its category.

Another technological breakthrough came in October 2011, when White Cloud released its longest lasting electronic cigarette – the Cirrus 3X. For a battery so small and slim, it’s astonishing how this mini e-cig can deliver a whopping 600 puffs on a single charge. In addition to the amazing vapor volume and lasting quality, the Cirrus 3X requires less charging time. With a Cirrus 3X and ChargeBolt in your pocket (or purse), you will never run out of smokes ever again!

The White Cloud vaping experience has two distinct characteristics: the extremely satisfying volume of nicotine and the remarkable throat hit. Among all the e-cigarette brands that we have reviewed, none can equal White Cloud in those departments.

Drawing on a White Cloud cartridge is easy and quiet – no crackling or popping sounds and no harsh taste. What you get is a smooth, pleasing flavor with a good-sized cloud of perfect white vapor.

White Cloud also offers a variety of intuitive ecig accessories such as Shotgun tips (a rubber tip that allows you to combine cartridge flavors and increase vapor production), Squid chargers (allows you to simultaneously charge up to three batteries from a single USB port), and Vapor Jackets (skins that protect and personalize your e-cig batteries).

While 90% of electronic cigarette companies simply stick a logo on generic ecigs from China, White Cloud makes its own products in a tightly controlled facility. A 3-step QC process is in place for its SmoothDraw cartridges while all Cirrus batteries are inspected four times before they are packed and shipped.

Instead of using standard lithium ion batteries, White Cloud packs its ecigs with power cells made by the same manufacturer of Apple’s batteries. The result is an electronic cigarette that lasts a ridiculous amount of time.

Packaging and Style

Since White Cloud is obviously taking its cues from Apple, the Cirrus packaging is very sleek and smart. The dimensions of the Cirrus kit are almost the same as the iPhone box. Everything is top-notch, from the printing to the material choices.
White Cloud offers five types of starter kits.

Perfect for first-time and casual vapers, the Cirrus 2 Starter Kit contains all the essentials you need to get started:

• 2 Cirrus II batteries (white with grey tip and orange glow)
• 5 SmoothDraw cartridges
• 1 ChargeBolt charger
• Standard 6-month warranty

Looking for a compact e-cigarette kit to take out on the town? Try the Cirrus 3 Starter Kit which includes:

• 3 Cirrus III batteries (in your choice of color)
• 5 SmoothDraw cartridges
• 1 Squid charger
• 1 AC adapter
• Standard 6-month warranty

Spend the entire day soaking in the great outdoors without having to worry about recharging your batteries, or carrying a bulky portable charging case. The Cirrus 3X Starter Kit contains:

• 3 Cirrus 3X batteries (in your choice of color)
• 5 SmoothDraw cartridges
• 1 ChargeBolt charger
• 1 AC Adapter
• 1 DC Adapter
• Extended 2-year warranty

The Cirrus Variety Starter Kit gives you the chance to try out all three batteries in the Cirrus line. Here’s what you’ll get from the box:

• 3 Cirrus batteries (Cirrus 2, Cirrus 3 and Cirrus 3X)
• 5 SmoothDraw cartridges
• 1 ChargeBolt charger
• 1 AC Adapter

Packed in a jet-black locking storage box, the limited-edition Phantom Kit allows you to go incognito when you need a discreet smoke. The kit includes:

• 1 Phantom locking display box
• 3 Phantom batteries
• 5 StealthDraw low-vapor cartridges
• 5 SmoothDraw cartridges
• 1 black Squid charger
• 1 black AC adapter
• 1 numbered Phantom membership card (1 of 500)

If you’re not willing to spend $50 on a starter kit, you can sample White Cloud by picking up a few Flings disposable e-cigarettes. Single-use Flings are convenient and cheap. No need to replace the cartridge or recharge the battery. Flings are available in the same nicotine strengths as SmoothDraw cartridges, and incorporate the exact same technology. You’ll find your favorite White Cloud flavors plus three Flings-exclusive varieties: Cinnamon, Banana and Maple Bacon.

Want to vape in style? Protect and personalize each one of your Cirrus batteries with White Cloud Vapor Jackets, available in over 10 diverse collections with seven designs in each pack. Designs range from serene to surreal, including stripes, flowers, graffiti, tribal, paisley, and skulls.

Flavor and Vapor

White Cloud cartomizers are offered in 16 different flavors. The number of choices may not blow you away but they do cover all the bases.

Tobacco and Menthol closely resemble Marlboro and Camel cigarettes.

Any menthol smoker knows that mint is not the same as menthol. The White Cloud Snap flavor highlights that difference by giving this cartomizer a crisp minty flavor.

Kick gives you a subtle hint of honey and a full whack of cinnamon to get you moving.

Clove replicates the mind-numbing flavor of an Indonesian clove cigarette at 1/10th the cost.

The first limited edition cartridge from White Cloud, Moscow Mule is a hip cocktail of chilled spirits with a ginger kick and a twist of lime.

Just when you thought summer couldn’t get any hotter, the White Cloud Diablo flavor has set it on fire.

Apache is a robust and distinctly American tobacco blend (as opposed to Turkish tobacco) and is slightly less intense than the regular tobacco flavor.

As the name implies, Bora Bora resembles a tropical blend of moist exotic tobacco with a hint of South Pacific spice.

Flavors such as Vanilla, Chocolate, Espresso, Strawberry, Lime & Coconut, Bad Apple and Peach Pit live up to their names and taste exactly the way you’ve come to expect from these food items.

The liquid nicotine synthesized by White Cloud is smooth, and the vapor it creates draws an excellent balance between weight and heat that smokers expect when they puff on a cigarette.

Using an improved design with fewer manufacturing steps, White Cloud SmoothDraw™ cartridges are more reliable, cost less, and still offer nearly two packs worth of smoking pleasure. Each SmoothDraw cartridge contains enough liquid to give you about 400 puffs of thick rich nicotine vapor.

StealthDraw cartridges offer you an enjoyable vaping experience even when discretion is a priority. They produce minimal vapor with quick dissipation, leaving no trace behind. Because of the adjusted formula, the nicotine hit is not as pronounced on the StealthDraw cartridges although you are receiving the same nicotine dosage of SmoothDraw cartridges. If you demand a strong throat hit, you may want to primarily use SmoothDraw cartridges and only use StealthDraw cartridges as an accessory for when you would like to be more discreet.

Nicotine Levels

White Cloud is the only e-cig company that offers Double Extra strength cartridges. You can choose from 6 different nicotine levels:

• Double Extra (54mg)
• Extra (36mg)
• Full (24mg)
• Light (16mg)
• Ultra Light (8mg)
• Nicotine-free (0mg)

Double Extra strength is only available for regular, menthol, vanilla, and espresso flavors.

Ultra Light strength is only available for regular and menthol flavors.

Nicotine-free strength is only available for regular, menthol, vanilla, and espresso flavors.

Battery Life – Charging and USB

White Cloud batteries are based on a lithium polymer design which allows for a full 8 or 9 second draw which no other brand can claim. They also charge in a snap and are built with a shock absorption system to guard against drops and spills.

Cirrus batteries can last up to three days on a single charge, depending on usage. All models are lightweight, which makes them feel more like a traditional cigarette.

Perfect for starters and impeccable as a backup battery for seasoned vapers, the Cirrus II gives vapers 280 puffs with a charge time of 90 minutes.

The Cirrus III is the smallest and lightest battery in the White Cloud ecig line. With a charging time of only 60 minutes, a puff count of 200 per charge, and onboard shock absorbing technology, the Cirrus III is the most stable mini e-cig on the market today.

The Cirrus 3X is the longest lasting e-cigarette that White Cloud has ever made. With a charge time of 120 minutes, the Cirrus 3X can churn out more than 600 puffs on a single charge – that’s equivalent to three packs of tobacco cigarettes! The Cirrus 3X comes with a shock absorption system that enables it to take a beating and keep on vaping.

All Cirrus batteries are available in classic white or brushed metal finish with gray, black, or crystal ash tip. Grey and crystal tips glow with a realistic orange LED. The black tip blocks the glow of the LED, providing you with a more discreet vaping experience.

With future regulation and legislation in mind, White Cloud created the next-generation Phantom electronic cigarette. The Phantom conceals your vapor while still delivering a pleasing puff of nicotine. Hidden in plain sight, it has a stealth matte black finish and a blackout ash tip. Phantom batteries are compatible with all White Cloud cartridges and accessories.

With more power, better ergonomics, and a more efficient charging profile than previous USB chargers, the ChargeBolt is designed to protect your battery and eliminate power spikes that can erode battery cell performance.

Using the same technology found in the ChargeBolt smart charger, the Squid allows you to charge three batteries simultaneously from a single USB port. The Phantom comes with the triple-threat Squid in black. If you have more than one battery, this three-pronged charger can be very convenient.

White Cloud Cigarette Value

The Cirrus II starter kit costs $49.95 before using a white cloud coupon. For the same number of batteries and cartridges, you will be paying $99.97 for Green Smoke, $69.95 for Blu Cigs, $64.95 for V2 Cigs (with 5 more carts), $59.99 for South Beach Smoke, and $59.95 for SmokeTip.

The equivalent of a pack of cigarettes from White Cloud costs $1.19 if you buy a single SmoothDraw cartridge. If you purchase in bulk, that number goes down to 99 cents. Compare that to $2.66 with Green Smoke, $2.33 with South Beach Smoke, $2.10 with Blu Cigs, $1.60 with SmokeTip, and $1.50 with V2 Cigs.

The one advantage that V2 Cigs has on White Cloud is that its cartridges are refillable. If you buy their e-liquid, a pack-a-day habit on V2 Cigs will only cost around 60 cents.

Support and Live Chat

Any time you need help with White Cloud products, you have only one number to call: 1-800-491-CIGS. White Cloud maintains only one support method because it rarely receives calls from irate customers. In fact, most inbound calls are for cartridge reorders.

When you contact the customer service department, you will speak to a live person that is based in the United States. You will never go through a maze of computerized phone menus or get passed from one department to the next without a solution.

While many e-cig companies are only interested in the initial sale, White Cloud aims to build a strong, loyal White Cloud Nation. There’s pleny of information on its website to make sure that customers not only understand the products but also use them as efficiently as possible.

White Cloud offers one of the longest warranty periods of any e-cigarette company that we have reviewed. You may exchange a defective product within two years of its original purchase date. In the rare case that your White Cloud experience is not to your satisfaction, you have 30 days to return it for a refund.

About White Cloud

White Cloud is a Florida-based electronic cigarette company launched in 2008. Founders Michael Murray and Danielle and Matthew Steingraber first started out as distributors for an established ecig brand but quickly decided to set up their own company to improve the quality of their offerings.

White Cloud takes pride in being able to offer the highest performing electronic cigarettes on the market. Many of its resources are dedicated to research and development, resulting in low product failure rates and batteries and cartridges with the longest life span.

In order to provide its customers with the most enjoyable and realistic smoking experience possible, White Cloud constantly improves its products based on customer feedback. Its designers and engineers spend a lot of time in advancing its e-cig technology, improving recharging times, and decreasing the sizes of cartridges.

Each SmoothDraw cartridge goes through a painstaking 9-step manufacturing process, and must pass three separate quality checks. White Cloud ecig batteries undergo a 13-step process that involves four quality checks. Factories are inspected frequently to ensure that the manufacturing process is carried out to White Cloud’s high standards.

White Cloud is a BBB Accredited Business since May 22, 2012 with an A rating.

White Cloud has 31 retail locations and is looking to expand its kiosk presence throughout the United States.

White Cloud Conclusion

White Cloud excels in every category that we use to evaluate electronic cigarettes: battery performance, flavor, vapor, charging time, accessories, and value. It even outperforms all other brands in one often overlooked aspect – nicotine strength.

White Cloud is highly recommended for moderate to heavy smokers who require a great throat hit and good nicotine kick from a mini e-cigarette. Cirrus batteries last for days instead of hours, and SmoothDraw cartridges double the amount of puffs you get from other brands without increasing prices.

White Cloud takes customer feedback very seriously. Taking criticisms into account, the company slashed its prices this year – the Cirrus II is now 60% cheaper – and has began offering White Cloud coupon codes for maximum savings.

Although not all flavors are available in every nicotine level and there is no option for e-liquid refills, we’re giving White Cloud the top spot in our e-cigarette chart for its superior product quality and unmatched value.